Flesh Blanket – USA, 2018 – reviews

‘He’s fat. You’re flat.’

Flesh Blanket is a 2018 American comedy horror mockumentary feature film directed by Brandon Barnes Graham from a screenplay co-written with Dave Levin and Ramsey Moore.

Official synopsis:

‘A selfish filmmaker fails at creating the cutting edge freedom of speech documentary he had envisioned and inadvertently unleashes holy hell from a 500-pound comedian on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A big fat dose of nightmare fuel for the politically correct!’

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“From the violence to the vomiting, it is random and exploitative. The performances feel natural and make us question how things were behind the scenes. Sadly, some of the choices made, cinematographically, take their toll on storytelling.” Tales of Terror


  • Alicia Becker … Herself
  • Brandon Calhoun
  • Denise Carroll … Peach Cobbler Girl
  • Hahn Cho … Reeder’s Muscle
  • Christina DeRosa … Herself
  • Scott Fabri … Fresh Fish
  • Brandon Graham … Himself
  • Mark S. Graham … Himself
  • Amanda Harrison … Herself
  • Rich Hassan … Investor Stud
  • Adam Lee Hoyle … Himself
  • Adam Hunter … Himself
  • Kato Kaelin … Himself
  • Lee Knutsen … Himself
  • Dinah Leffert … Herself
  • Dave Levin … Himself
  • Shelley Michelle … Herself
  • Ramsey Moore … Himself
  • Reid Moore … Himself
  • John O’Hern … Himself
  • Randal Reeder … Himself
  • Todd Rexx … Himself
  • Shawn G. Smith … Johnny Blaze
  • Brian Swinehart … Himself
  • Mike Tsirklin … Himself
  • Georgia Van Cuylenburg … Herself
  • Jeffrey D. Warshaw … Skeptical Investor

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