SEVER (2018) Overview


‘Some are born mad… some have madness thrust upon them’

Sever is a 2018 American horror thriller feature film directed by Matthew Ryan Anderson from a screenplay written by Horace Wilson. The movie stars Batya Cruz, Maia Kavchak, Garret Caillouet and London Grace.


From the darkest depths of the human psyche a brutal monster can emerge, even from the gentlest of souls. A violent patient escapes an asylum to exact her revenge on a unsuspecting young couple…

Cast and characters:

  • Batya Cruz … Martha (as Batya Haynes)
  • Maia Kavchak … Mindy
  • Garret Caillouet … Cord
  • London Grace … Veronica Desky (as Phyllis Spielman)
  • Matthew Ryan Anderson … Sheriff Brand
  • Vicki Wilkinson … Stella
  • Ketrick ‘Jazz’ Copeland … Jimmy (as Jazz Copeland)
  • Donny Conner … Asylum Janitor
  • Edgar Cruz … Asylum Guard
  • Carrie L. Gomez … Nurse Ratchet
  • Stephen Mathis … Asylum Nurse
  • Wizard Nemerson … Joel
  • Jessica Parnello … Melanie

Production companies:

Cinergy Productions
Film Forge Studios
Iconoclast Entertainment
Seven Points Entertainment

Working title:

Bone Deep