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‘Fear has a new face’

The Dare is a 2019 American-British-Bulgarian horror feature film about a young man who wakes up in a dark chamber and has to solve a puzzle regarding his past.

Directed by Giles Alderson (World of Darkness) from a screenplay co-written with Jonny Grant, the movie stars Richard Brake (3 from Hell; Mandy; Doom; et al), Joivan Wade, Richard Short and Robert Maaser.


Having been torn away from his family, a young father is jolted back to consciousness as he awakens to find himself chained inside a dark chamber. There is someone else in the room.

Three other chained victims who are forced to piece together the clues created by the deranged captor that has brought them together to engage in a twisted battle to solve a puzzle to their past… or die a gruesome death.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“It was pretty bad. I don’t mean bad as in not good, those four deserved everything they got, I mean bad as in hectic. And there are roaches. Or other bugs that were menacing and terrifying enough to count as roaches. If you like horror that makes you cry with terror and wish it would all just end, then you’ll love The Dare.” Addicted to Media

“After a while the film does feel like its repeating itself quite frequently, replacing torture with story and depth. As a result the movie really does trail off towards the end […] I want to express a huge congratulations to the special effects team on this movie. Some of the practical gore effects were staggeringly and stomach churningly realistic.” Back to the Movies


The Dare gleefully and continually doles out repugnant body carnage that is undoubtedly affecting but may not be enough to entice those who aren’t hardcore fans of the genre. While the antagonist’s means in which he chooses to torture his victims seems random, there is a purpose behind each depraved act. Uncovering that purpose gives the film a sense of structure that largely eludes its somewhat jumbled narrative.” Cultured Vultures


The Dare was shown at the 2019 Popcorn Frights Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on  August 9th. A British release is scheduled for 7 December 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Richard Brake … Credence
  • Joivan Wade … Carter
  • Richard Short … Adam Heinz
  • Robert Maaser … Dominic
  • Bart Edwards … Jay Jackson
  • Percelle Ascott … Cleveland
  • Ronan Summers … Glen
  • Harry Jarvis … Teen Dominic
  • Alexandra Evans … Kat Gill
  • Emily Haigh … Molly Jackson
  • Scott Michael Wagstaff … Stewie
  • Devora Wilde … Jess
  • Tim Fellingham … Mike
  • Victoria Ananieva … Alice
  • Oliver Park … Peter

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