THE STRANGER IN OUR BED (2022) Reviews of British mystery thriller based on the bestselling novel

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‘Passion, money, killer secrets’
The Stranger in Our Bed is a 2022 British mystery thriller about a married woman who leaves her husband for a lover who then disappears.

Directed by Giles Alderson (Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot; Boudica; The Dare; World of Darkness) from a screenplay written by Samantha Lee Howe based on her best-selling book of the same name.

The Buffalo Dragon production stars Emily Berrington, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Samantha Bond, Nina Wadia, Joseph Marcell, Terri Dwyer, Bart Edwards, Andi Osho, Paul Casar and Alexander Hanson.


Plot synopsis:
Charlotte (Emily Berrington) is feeling trapped in her marriage to a wealthy and controlling husband Tom (Ben Lloyd-Hughes). She begins an affair with another man, who then mysteriously disappears without a trace.


Behind her husband’s back, she secretly begins an investigation into his disappearance, teaming up with her lover’s sister to uncover the truth behind what happened.

It soon becomes clear that nothing is as it seems, and after becoming witnesses to a murder, the two become entangled in a dark and twisted game of cat-and-mouse. With the bodies piling up, Charlotte must uncover what’s really going on – before it’s too late…

Release date:
In the US, TriCoast will release The Stranger in Our Bed theatrically in select locations on August 26, 2022.
In the UK, Signature Entertainment will release The Stranger in Our Bed On-Demand (VOD) on September 5, 2022.

” …this is neatly handled drama that holds the attention until the third act where it does fall down with the mystery having been unveiled in a major piece of ungainly and improbable exposition that is shoehorned in. Nonetheless, there’s enough here to draw audiences in…” Any Good Films?

“The cast certainly brings Samatha Lee Howe’s book to life on the screen, as they play their part very well […] This is a movie that may not be for everyone, but if you’ve read the book then you are going to love this adaptation, even if you haven’t read it then the movie is one that is interesting enough to keep you glued throughout the production.” Blazing Minds

” ….the biggest issue with The Stranger in Our Bed is that it is boring. The story never strays away from familiar territory, and nowadays, movies need to compete with television, which is always pushing the envelope when it comes to which stories to tell. If movies keep telling us they won’t change to adapt to the current times, then maybe we shouldn’t watch them.” 4 out of 10, Fiction Horizon


“First off – it has a lot of gratuitous sex in it. I’m not a prude, but tossing in sex scenes on a formulaic schedule ruins the flow of the thing. The story is “second verse same as the first”. You have seen this before, but it was well done by some really good actors.” The Jradge

“The locations used show us the difference in class between Charlotte and Tom’s family […] The Stranger in our Bed is a tense thriller that keeps you guessing.” 3 out of 5, Movie Reviews 101

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