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‘Gruesomely deformed… viciously powerful… terrifying evil!’

Ice Queen is a 2005 American science-fiction horror feature film about a thawed out female creature from the Ice Age that goes on a killing rampage.

Directed by Neil Kinsella (2 Dead 2 Kill; World’s End; Landslide) from a screenplay co-written with Peter Beckwith and David R. Williams, the movie stars Ami Chorlton (The Stalker), Harmon Walsh (Good Witch TV series), Noelle Reno (Devour), Jennifer Hill and Daniel Hall Kuhn.


Doctor Frantz Goddard (Daniel Hall Kuhn) is smuggling what he believes to be the archaeological find of the century. A female humanoid from the ice age recently discovered sealed in a tomb of amber deep in the Amazon forest.

A desperate struggle with a double-crossing pilot sends his plane crashing into the snow-covered Killington Mountains, exposing, the humanoid ice queen to the elements and causing an avalanche that engulfs a nearby ski resort.

The stunned survivors at the ski resort are trapped inside the shattered building underneath mountains of snow. Even worse, something deadly has been unleashed underneath the snow with them: the Ice Queen.

Thrown from the crash, the Ice Queen has awakened from the cold, gruesomely deformed, viciously powerful, and terrifyingly evil. With little-air left and the resort collapsing around them, the survivors must make a deadly gamble; face the Ice Queen, or succumb to certain death…


” …extremely entertaining, funny, silly and stupid but I also understand that as a movie it is some kind of gawdawful. Simply horrible. But I’m cool with that because I’m not a film snob.” Christopher Armstead, Film Critics United

“It’s nothing special and with little in the shape of atmosphere and the budget capping the style it really is a low budget, poor horror. The only thing going for it is for the most the make-up work on Ami Chorlton is good although I do wonder if that seems good because the rest of the movie is weak.” Andy Webb, The Movie Scene

Ice Queen surprised me with its slightly-better-than-average production values and attempts to make something other than just another genre flick. Unfortunately, that’s all it turns out to be in the end and not a very good one at that. It wears its heart on its sleeve but it has clearly stopped beating in the ice.” Andrew Smith, Popcorn Pictures

“The first third of the flick is mostly devoted to stupid snowboarding sequences and a dopey love triangle. There is however a couple of wet T-shirts, so it’s not a total loss or anything. Once the Ice Queen starts killing people though, things don’t necessarily improve. I did like the scene where she was momentarily felled by the automatic men’s room hand dryer.” Mitch Lovell, The Video Vacuum

Choice dialogue:

Doctor Goddard: “Like cats in the woods, can so sound like human babies crying.”

Johnny: “What she wants is a wet me-shirt contest.”

Pilot: “That’s one cold bitch.”

Cast and characters:

  • Ami Chorlton … Ice Queen (as Ami Veveers-Chorlton)
  • Harmon Walsh … Johnny
  • Noelle Reno … Tori
  • Jennifer Hill … Elaine
  • Daniel Hall Kuhn … Doctor Frantz Goddard
  • Tara Walden … Audrey
  • Peter Wyndorf … Devlin
  • Demone Gore … Jessie
  • John Romeo … Ed
  • Neil Benedict … Mac
  • Duncan Murdoch … Fresh-Face
  • Lucy the Dog … Patch
  • Erika Wakker … T-Shirt Girl
  • Nicole Dolphin … T-Shirt Girl
  • Jillian Tate … T-Shirt Girl
  • Katlin I. Dow … T-Shirt Girl
  • Kerrin Jeromin … Ice Queen Double

Filming locations:

Killington Ski Resort and Edgewood Studios, Vermont


Full film free to watch online:

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