The Harvesters – USA, 2017


‘Your time is short. The season is upon us’

The Harvesters is a 2017 American horror feature film about a series of bizarre murders and disappearances take place in a small Oklahoma town on Halloween.

Written and directed by Nick Sanford (Tempus Fugit; Out of the Night), the Broadcast Pictures-Celtic Cat Films production stars Alissa Ford, Adam Hampton, Jason Gwynn and Andrew McDonald.

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“It draws in viewers who want more than cheap jump scares, adding relatable drama and the fear of the unknown to keep audiences holding their breath. The direction and cinematography show knowledge of the craft, allowing it to showcase some really hypnotic performances.” Christopher Sneed, Red River Horror

Cast and characters:

  • Alissa Ford … Jane
  • Adam Hampton … Richie Hart
  • Jason Gwynn … Alan Cunningham
  • Andrew McDonald … Larry Wood
  • Laurie Cummings … Brenda Edwards
  • Sidney Flack … Albert Percy
  • Page Tudyk … Claire Watson
  • Ethan Hounslow … Jeff Miller
  • Scout Hampton … Rachel Hart
  • Lucas Ross … Charlie
  • Arden Moad … Anna Cunningham
  • Jill Sanchez … Marisa Jones
  • Angelina Hampton … Kim Hart
  • Vicki Wilcox … Myrtle
  • Kenny Pitts … Coach

Filming locations:

Macomb, Moore, Newcastle, Oklahoma City, Purcell and Tuttle, Oklahoma

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