ZOMBIES HAVE FALLEN (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Vengeance runs deep’

Zombies Have Fallen is a 2017 British science-fiction horror film about a young woman with psychic powers who is aided by a retired bounty hunter to protect her from those who wish to use her abilities for evil.

Written and directed by Sam Fountayne aka Sam Hampson, the Infinity Films production stars Heath Hampson, Tansy Parkinson, Ken Richardson, Tony Gardner and Ian Muir.


Raven (Ken Richardson), the head of a medical research facility in Newcastle, employs bounty hunter Max (Tony Gardner) to locate Kyra (Tansy Parkinson), a young woman who escaped from his clinic.

Her breakout was enabled by Randall Scott, a former associate of Raven, who prompts Kyra to find John Northwood (Heath Hampson).

However, Northwood is initially reluctant to go back into action until he becomes aware of Kyra’s psychic powers which makes him change his mind. He and Kyra become the subject of an armed manhunt during which she uses her powers to create a horde of zombies…


“Parkinson is not unsympathetic, as the heroine struggling to come to terms with her powers […] and Hampson comes over like a low-rent version of Liam Neeson. If the film had kept down that route, it would likely still not have been “great”, by any reasonable standard, but could certainly have been adequate. Instead, we’ve got something which looks almost as if it was slapped together from two entirely different films.” Jim McLennan, Girls with Guns

” …much of Zombies Have Fallen feels borrowed (a gentleman’s way of saying “stolen”) from much better films—and a lot of them—much of its 75-minute running time feels like watching bits of cutting room scrap and recycled bits from other features […] This a zombie movie in title only, so buyer be warned.” Madison Film Guy, HNN

“The zombie scenes prove a head-scratcher. They feel like they have strayed in from another film altogether. Either it is Sam Hampson padding the running time with extra footage from another film he shot or else the fact that the original film he started shooting about psychic powers wasn’t interesting enough to sell and so he decided to add scenes and repackage it as a zombie film.” Richard Scheib, Moria

“The effects on display here are the kind you’d see in mid ’80s Doctor Who, the acting is on a par with a p*rn film […] the score just lies there like a damp carpet, the sound is terrible – with ADR being louder than anything else in the mix, and most striking of all – to me at least – they misspell Bounty Hunter as ‘Bount Hunter’ in the dossier up on Raven’s plasma TV screen, but what do you want for 500 nicker?” Mark Cunliffe, So It Goes…


Zombies Have Fallen is available via Amazon Prime.

Cast and characters:

  • Tony Gardner … Max
  • Tansy Parkinson … Kyra
  • Heath Hampson … John Northwood
  • Ken Richardson … Raven
  • Alan Muir … Billy McLoughlin
  • Sandy Jamieson … Priest
  • Finn H. Drude … Mercenary

Filming locations:

Gretna Green, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

Technical details:

75 minutes

Working title:

Till Death Do Us Part

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