Ballet Blanc – USA, 2019 – review

Ballet Blanc is a 2019 American horror feature film about strange happenings in a small town when a young boy mysteriously appears.

Written and directed by Anne-Sophie Dutoit, the movie stars Shelley Starrett, Colter Carlborn-Mann, Brian Woods, Franco Fox and Catherine Lassesen.


An innocent-looking young boy named Coco (Colter Carlborn-Mann) mysteriously appears in a nondescript small town as the town recovers from recent storms. He was left behind by a ballet troupe that passed through, suddenly strange things start happening. Coco is set to unleash his own reign of terror…

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“The film is intensely effective for most of its running time, stumbling only in the final act […] Here, the tightly-knit story begins to unravel a bit as some conventional horror movie elements creep in to undermine our anticipation of a fully original and surprising finale.” HK and Cult Film News


Indican is releasing Ballet Blanc in select US theatrical locations on November 8th 2019 and on DVD and Digital on in January 2020.

Technical details:

89 minutes

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