MAGGOTS (2019) Preview


Maggots is a 2019 American eco-horror feature film about a group of students who are attacked by giant maggots. The latter is the byproduct of toxic waste being dumped in the forest.

Directed by Neil Meschino (The Mildew from Planet Xonader; Mold!) from a screenplay co-written with Clint Tuccio, the Mentally Ill Productions movie stars Cal Corvino, Damien Depaolo, Lawrence George, James Murphy, Luke Pendley and Julia Salka

Cast and characters:

  • Cal Corvino … Murph
  • Damien Depaolo … Wigger
  • Lawrence George … Stan Baxter
  • James Murphy … Professor McNeil
  • Luke Pendley … Brett
  • Julia Salka … Bobbie
  • Vito Trigo … Roommate
  • Rick Haymes … Ranger Ed Grimes
  • Edward X. Young … Ranger Rick Recker
  • Kasie Renee Yu … TBC


Not to be confused with Maggots (2017) which was based on a story by Fred Olen Ray.

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