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‘Warning: No one has ever survived this movie! Watch it and it will kill you!’

Paranormal Shades is a 2016 Austrian horror feature film about a horror movie actor haunted by a demon and a weird dominatrix.

Written, directed by and starring Wolf Morrison (Blood City Massacre; Vampire City 2: Rock ‘N Roll Zombies from Outer Space; Vampire City) [as Robert Tarantino] the WildRebel Productions movie also stars Seth Raven, Birgit Waite and Christopher Charles Brown.


Washed-up horror movie actor Jim Sutton (Wolf Morrison) is not only haunted by a paranormal demon but also by a weird dominatrix. They both take control of Jim’s life and start killing people he recently met.

Jim’s best friend Link (Seth Raven) helps him to find out the reason why. What they finally find out is much scarier and deadlier than any film Jim has ever starred in…

Cast and characters:

  • Wolf Morrison … Jim Sutton (as Robert Tarantino)
  • Seth Raven … Link Taylor
  • Birgit Waite … Mistress Larissa (as Biggie Waite)
  • Christopher Charles Brown … Professor Van Abraham
  • Elisabeth Oehl … Lizzie
  • Susi Ramberger … Jaimie Cutter
  • Mehdi Malayeri … Lt. Brick Dexter
  • Julia Prock-Schauer … Karen (archive footage)
  • Christian Gassler … Chilly Parker
  • Katharina Sigwald … Chrissie Ears
  • Raynold O’Malley … Uncle Reini
  • Philipp Bichl … Eddie Sacklbauer
  • Ranul Heinzberg … Stranger

Filming locations:

Vienna, Austria


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