INSTRUMENTS OF EVIL (2016) Reviews and overview


‘Not only tunes get stuck in your head!’

Instruments of Evil is a 2016 Canadian comedy-horror anthology feature film about four demons that use musical vibrations to cause carnage.

Directed by and starring Huw Evans from a screenplay co-written with Curtis Anderson and Douglas R. Evans, the movie also stars Rich Belhumeur, Stacy DeVille and Anna Mazurik.


Created in the ancient mists of time by the Viking god Loki, four musical demons have left carnage and horror in their wake as they’ve travelled through the centuries, using the vibrations of music as a conduit across time and space. Now, as the harmonic horrors attempt to reunite and bring about the end of the world, can a cop, a hooker, and a warrior from the past defeat these evil spirits before the music stops … forever?


“Bad movies can still be entertaining and IoE passes that test mainly on the strength of its humour, music, and amusing characters. The budget may have been limited but the humour was not.” Movie Vigilante

“There’s never a dull moment (as promised), but there could’ve been some tightening / better execution of the jokes, especially when it comes to a certain murder weapon we’d mention if not for search engines… It definitely captures the Troma-style DIY spirit.” Really Awful Movies

Instruments of Evil is much funnier than the better known Saskatchewan lensed Wolfcop and Another Wolfcop and really deserves to be picked up for distribution. I mean if The Velocipastor and Killer Sofa can get picked up, this should too.” Voices from the Balcony

Filming locations:

Fort Qu’Appelle and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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