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‘Face your fear’
Sacrilege is a 2020 British horror film about a weekend away that soon turns into a nightmare for four female friends.

Written and directed by David Creed, making his feature debut, and produced by Mark Kenna.

The Bad Blood Films production stars Tamaryn Payne (Stalled; Vendetta), Emily Wyatt (Sensation; Mission of Honor; Rise of the Foot Soldier: The Heist), Naomi Willow (NSR: The Jade, Bonded by Blood 2), Emma Spurgin Hussey (The Curse of Hobbes House; A Werewolf in England; An English Haunting; The Barge People), Ian Champion, Rory Wilton (An English Haunting; A Werewolf in England; Fisherman’s Friends), Sian Abrahams (Aylesbury Dead; Listen; Complete Strangers), David English, Jon Glasgow and Conner McKenzy.

Four lifelong friends head to an idyllic remote lodge for some much-needed fun and respite. However, after drunkenly dabbling in a local Pagan ritual, their bond is tested to its limits when their own personal fears begin to manifest and they discover that their friendship will either cure them or kill them.

A fight for their lives ensues when a local Pagan cult offers them up to their Goddess as a sacrifice for the Solstice…

“It’s atmospherically shot in and around the Forest of Dean, with some well-mounted sequences of horror, but despite its rather racy storyline – a group of girls on a hedonistic weekend, with two of the cast sexually reuniting after a period apart – it’s a surprisingly chaste film. But at least the girls who want to have fun don’t need blokes to do it, or ultimately to save themselves.” Bloody Flicks

” …showing plenty of tight torsos and cleavage, with nothing deeper to reveal, Creed fails to break away from more antique horror traditions. It doesn’t help that folk-horror, perhaps because it is so rooted in the ritualistic, is also becoming an increasingly ossified and crowded genre. The only sacrilege committed here is on the bank account of whoever funded this.” The Guardian

“The movie did not need an hour to establish who is who, who slept with who, and who is the most shallow. This was already established before they arrived at the house. The movie really needed to make the pagan cult a bigger part of the story […] This is one I would skip.” Horror Society

“The Pagan cult and their dodgy members promised to be threatening but the build-up virtually amounted to nothing with much of the scare coming from an unseen demon. The ending of Sacrilege also felt abrupt and came to a conclusion that almost makes you feel cheated. The CGI is surprisingly good and Creed’s strong direction a great credit.” London Metro

“The woods are threatening both at night and by day, looking quite primeval and exuding a sense of threat. But most frightening of all perhaps are the villagers and farmers gathered together wearing animal masks, accompanied by their Wicker Goddess. From the lack of ooo-arrs you know they’re not there to drink cider.” Pairic

“It has a story which doesn’t have much meat to it and an abrupt ending which makes you feel like you just wasted your time. However, there are some aspects to like. The score was great and the directing was surprisingly good. The horror aspect is there but sometimes it barely reaches the quality of amateurish.” I Am Keysersoze

“Creed manages to show he has the technical chops to direct a film. Where he fails is as a writer. Sacrilege is a collection of clichés strung together and called a plot. And even when it manages to step up it promptly shoots itself down. Hopefully, before he steps behind the camera again he finds a good writer. Despite that, it still manages to come out ahead of similar films such as Witches of Amityville Academy and Coven of Evil.Voices from the Balcony

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