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Witches of Amityville Academy is a 2020 British horror feature film about young witches that use their skills to counter a demon. The movie is also known as Amityville Witches and was originally titled Witch Craft.

Directed by Rebecca Matthews (Bats: The Awakening; The Bad Nun: Deadly Vows; The Candy Witch; Pet Graveyard) from a screenplay written by Tom Jolliffe (Jurassic Island; Return of the Tooth Fairy; Scarecrow’s Revenge).

The Proportion Productions movie stars Kira Reed Lorsch (Blood Countess; Demon’s Claw; Demon Under Glass), Donna Spangler (Deprivation; American Poltergeist; Sweet Evil), Sarah T. Cohen (Cupid; Clown Doll; End Game), Brittan Taylor (Space Girls in Beverly Hills) and Jake Francis (Karli; CupidDark Shadows).


The Belle Witches have to revisit their magical talents to deter the evil Dominique Marcom from trying to raise the demon Botis into the world…

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Witches of Amityville Academy was perfectly fine, but it didn’t really achieve any sort of excitement. It was an uncomplicated watch, but it also didn’t grip me. On the flip side of that, though I guess it also wasn’t a bad film, it was just slightly bland, not going too far down the horror route.” The Rotting Zombie

” …the attempt to portray modern witches, not as something out of The Addams Family but someone who could be our neighbours was a nice idea. However, the lack of atmosphere coupled with some bad performances hurts the film. If it could have worked up some atmosphere and the cast sold me on the plot Witches of Amityville Academy could still have still held my interest. As it is, it’s acceptable filler…” Voices from the Balcony

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Cast and characters:

Donna Spangler … Lucy Belle
Kira Reed Lorsch … Samantha Belle
Brittan Taylor … Elena Belle
Sarah T. Cohen … Jessica Belle
Amanda-Jade Tyler … Dominique
Nicola Wright … Tilda Von Erich
Barbara Dabson … Katherine
Toby Wynn-Davies … Botis
Venetia Cook … Millicent
Eva Burton … Penelope
Georgina Jane … Sally
Jake Francis … Tony
Jon Callaway … Gary
Cerise McKenley … Beatrix
Sofia Jalonen … Chloe
Harvey McDonald … Travis
Lee Williams … Elias
Jim Arnold … Gulliver
Harvey McDonald … Jacob


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