INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE (2018) Reviews and overview

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Incredible Violence is a 2018 Canadian meta-horror feature film about a hack filmmaker who will do anything to make his latest movie seen real.

Written and directed by G. Patrick Condon from a storyline co-written with Ross Moore, The Hunting Party production stars M.J. Kehler, Stephen Oates, Michael Worthman and Kimberley Drake.


G. Patrick Condon is a hack filmmaker who has taken a loan from a group he shouldn’t have gotten mixed up in. Now he’s drunk the money away and he owes them a horror movie.

Grace, who has always dreamed of being a famous actress, is desperately trying to make it in the movie business. She gets her first big break in a horror flick, but there a few things unusual about this shoot.

Grace and the rest of the cast will have to live in the house for the duration of the shoot, they aren’t allowed to leave and will be recorded everywhere around the clock. Where does the movie begin and reality end? And, how far will Grace go to “make it”?


“Even though some of the film’s most interesting ideas are left unfulfilled, Incredible Violence is still a tantalising debut and one of the bolder Indy offerings to hail from Canada in a while. Condon is ambitious, interesting, and can execute a thrill ride no problem, so this is worth checking out if you’re bored of daft vapid low-end slashers.” The Forbidden Room

“It might have a somewhat unique take at its core, but once you get past the starting point, it’s mostly a slog of people screaming and being tied up to chairs, to where I eventually stopped trying to make sense of it. Seems like there was an artistic intent at first, but it got lost somewhere in the antics of carrying it out.” Letterboxd

” …bizarre, totally twisted and funny as hell. This is not a politically correct film, but it’s one that will be so much fun if you buy into the concept. It skewers film and genre culture and it’s obvious Condon has an endless imagination…” Parker and the Picture Shows

“Somewhere there is a neat, smart little horror film in all of this, but it’s often buried under layers of ‘huh’. I did enjoy M.J. Kehler’s tense performance as the naive Grace, and Micheal Worthman as the boorish Foster, and there are several striking scenes and moments of left field humour.” Quiet Earth

“Sadly, Incredible Violence isn’t odd/funny enough to work as a comedy or frightening enough to work as horror. There are scenes of both that work, several of the killings are well shot and disturbing. And there are some funny moments such as a soon to be victim telling the killer his knife looks fake.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • M.J. Kehler … Grace
  • Stephen Oates … G. Patrick Condon
  • Michael Worthman … Foster
  • Kimberley Drake … Elizabeth
  • Erin Mick … Audrey
  • Meghan Hancock … Sophia
  • Allison Moira Kelly … Ginger
  • Patrick Foran … The Coroner
  • Stephen Lush … Caretaker

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


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