FOR JENNIFER (2018) Reviews and overview


For Jennifer is a 2018 American horror feature film about the titular character’s search for answers to the whole Jennifer franchise conundrum.

Written and directed by Jody Barton (actor in Blood Craft; Ugly Sweater Party; 13/13/13; et al), the movie stars Dominique Swain, Tiffani Fest, Felissa Rose, Rich Finley, Hunter Johnson, Meghan Deanna Smith and Charles Chudabala.


“If you’re intrigued by meta cinema, films that break the fourth wall, and faux-urban legends driven by a “video diary” format colliding with the SOV and found footage genres, you’ll enjoy Jody’s Barton’s debut film that “solves” the Jennifer mystery. For his first time effort—using phones and handicams—it’s a commendable work…” B & S About Movies

“Pulling this kind of a mindf*ck together based on three micro-budget cult films and shooting it on an equally low budget takes serious balls. And Barton manages to pull it off for the most part. There are moments where the script feels like it’s reaching or gets a bit too hard to follow. But overall it hits the target.” Voices from the Balcony

For Jennifer takes the franchise full-circle with the support of creator James Cullen Bressack and the filmmakers of the previous films. Jody Barton does a great job bringing everything full circle with a shocking finale that makes this worthy of the franchise.” World Film Geek

Cast and characters:

  • Dominique Swain … Randi
  • Felissa Rose … Jennifer Smith
  • Madeleine Wade … Jamie
  • Lanett Tachel … Stefanie
  • Meghan Deanna Smith … Stephanie Hart
  • Frankie Cullen … Chilli
  • Martin Harris … Martin
  • Rachel Hardisty … Darlene
  • Jennifer Nangle … Jenn
  • Gregory Blair … Greg
  • Tiffani Fest … Jennifer
  • Monika Ekiert … Helena
  • Brittney Grabill … Bridget
  • Danielle Taddei … Jennifer Peterson
  • Don Barris … Don
  • David Biedrzycki … Gus
  • Jody Barton … Doug
  • Charles Chudabala … Charlie
  • Hunter Johnson … Spencer
  • Maryjane Green … Maryjane
  • Noel Jason Scott … Noel
  • Christian Ackerman … Partygoer
  • Lily Thaisz … Tiffany
  • Alexander T. Hwang … Alex
  • Reyna Meree Velarde … Reyna
  • Chuck Pappas … Chuck
  • Audriena Comeaux … Audriena
  • David Wesley Marlowe … Ray
  • Alex Napiwocki … Partygoer
  • Rich Finley … Joey
  • Jeffrey Lee DuPree … Partygoer
  • Jonathan Makabi … Partygoer
  • Hootan Atefyekta … Partygoer
  • Kathleen W. Hwang … Partygoer
  • Eric Hollerbach … Eric
  • Robert Van Guelpen … Scott
  • Paul Stephen Edwards … Paul
  • Adolfo Valdivic … Partygoer
  • James Van Fleet … Partygoer
  • Brian Simpson … Red
  • Nick Kekeris … Gene
  • Rod Vizcaina … Partygoer
  • Jillian Gallagher … Prison operator
  • Gilda DuPree … Partygoer

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