DISTILLER (2016) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t drink alone’

Distiller is a 2016 American horror feature film about a ghost hunter who traps spirits of the dead in liquor bottles before he mysteriously disappears. Years later, his unwitting niece inherits his estate, including the collection of enigmatic bottles which she plans to open and serve at her Fourth of July party…

Directed and co-produced by Andy Schroeder (short: #NotAllGhosts) from a screenplay co-written with Steve Sacco, H.A.M. Studios production stars Amy Ciupek, Dan Noonan and Steve Sacco. It was co-produced by Erin Schroeder.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Incorporating spirits with real evil spirits is a fun play on words, but even more creative details are utilized in the catching of the ghost. This is a well thought out process and a lot of fun to see unfold. Also, the variety of ghosts themselves is fun to see as dog spirits, spider monsters, gremlins, and all sorts of orbs and vapors haunt the party after the booze is cracked open.” Ain’t It Cool News

“Utilizing some great puppetry, projection, and other practical chicanery, these spirits are a varied and rather rad bunch. I can guarantee you’ll dig these diabolical dudes and be ultra-impressed with what the filmmakers achieved with a micro-budget, especially if you love flicks like Ghoulies and Spookies.” Famous Monsters of Filmland

“This is a typical ‘haunted house’ style movie with very little incident and lots of attempted atmosphere. The poor technical qualities and lack of an interesting storyline make it highly forgettable.” Leofwine Draca

Cast and characters:

  • Amy Ciupek … Blue Moon
  • Daniel Noonan … Charlie Moon
  • Steven Sacco … Matthew Moon
  • Jared Bashant … Colin
  • Andrew Bruno … Fireworks Crowd
  • Domonick Bruno … Fireworks Crowd
  • Julie Burns … Linda
  • Sarah Cartino … Party Guest
  • Allison Ciupek … Blanche
  • Kevin Clark … Fireworks Crowd
  • Anthony Corso … Fireworks Crowd
  • Allison Cwiertniewski … Blanche
  • Chris Cwiertniewski … Frank
  • Ryan Fields … Party Guest
  • Richard Harrigan … Client #1

Technical details:

89 minutes