EXIT (2020) Reviews and overview


‘Leaving… It’s harder than you think’

Exit is a 2020 British horror feature film about two young couples seemingly trapped in a flat in London by a manipulative landlord.

Directed by Michael Fausti from a screenplay written by Mathew Bayliss, the Fausti Films production stars Tony Denham, Billy James Machin, Robert Alexander, Christophe Delesques, Charlotte Gould and Leonarda Sahani.


Events take a sinister turn one night in London when two very different couples arrive at a double-booked apartment. Actions have consequences and not all debts are paid for with money…


Exit is at once subtle and provocative, surreal and yet also totally grounded in a realism that at times, feels totally relatable. Not only has Fausti demonstrated he can tackle a feature film and pull it off with the same panache and edge of his shorts but he also continues to be bold, experimental and utterly refreshing.” Attack from Planet B

” With some rather startling historical flashback sequences, imaginative photography and Nick Burns’ stunning score (how is this his first soundtrack?) Exit is a precocious and important calling card from a director to watch.” Dark Eyes of London

“At heart, it’s a modern, politically charged, blackly comic British take on all those slasher-infused Hollywood thrillers of the 1990s, complete with climactic eye-stabbings and a bout of stiletto violence cribbed from Single White Female. The dialogue weakens it and the elliptical editing and slo-mo become repetitive after a while, but it’s still another compelling, timely validation of this rising director’s talents.” HorrorScreams VideoVault

Exit is, without a doubt, a good film. It’s different enough to be memorable with well-developed characters and solid writing. It’s sexy, gritty, and gory. Sure, I may not have loved parts, but it works well as a whole.” Nevermore Horror

” …a psychosexual puzzle that really draws one in on an intellectual level and due to it’s often associative rather than linear editing style, it really manages to hold one’s attention. And that paired with a very stylized direction that seems enjoyably out of time (in a timeless way) makes this one fascinating watch, which is of course also helped by a strong ensemble cast.” Search My Trash

“The film’s style is certainly more influenced by the seventies than contemporary horror. I’d say it really doesn’t look like a horror film at all, but Dario Argento would love some of the lighting choices. That and a plot that keeps you guessing if the events are purely driven by human nastiness, the supernatural or drug-induced madness creates an atmosphere, unlike anything I’ve seen recently.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

• Tony Denham … Russell Bone
• Billy James Machin … Steve
• Robert Alexander … Moe
• Christophe Delesques … Christophe
• Charlotte Gould … Adrienne
• Leonarda Sahani … Michelle
• Michael Fausti … Man on the Phone

Filming locations:

• London, England

Technical details:

• 80 minutes
• Aspect ratio: 4:3