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Uncle Peckerhead is a 2020 American comedy horror feature film about a punk band that discover their aged roadie is a cannibalistic monster.

Written and directed by Matthew John Lawrence; the film stars David Littleton, Chet Siegel, Ruby McCollister and Jeff Riddle.


When punk rock band DUH finds themselves on their first tour with a man-eating hillbilly for a roadie, the “gig life” is paved with nightmares and half-eaten bodies. Punk outfit DUH is about to embark on their first tour in preparation for a big hometown show. The only problem is they don’t have any wheels.

Luckily, they run into a nice southern redneck, Peckerhead or “Peck” to his friends, who just happens to live in a fifteen-passenger van. He is more than happy to be their roadie and merch guy if they throw him a few bucks and cover gas.

What could be the harm? He seems like a nice dude who is just down on his luck; maybe some comradery could do him well. However, Peck has a secret he is keeping: if he doesn’t take his medicine before midnight, he turns into a cannibalistic monster…


Uncle Peckerhead had its world premiere at Panic Fest in Kansas City earlier this year. In the USA, it will be released by Dread On-Demand on August 11th and on Blu-ray August 25th 2020.


“It’s tamer than the average Troma movie, but it has a good sense of humor, goofy characters, blood spray, some cool gore effects, vomit, and explosive diarrhoea. It’s made clear that Lawrence was aiming to make something along the lines of that company’s output when he includes a moment where the Toxic Avenger is glimpsed on a TV…” Arrow in the Head

“If the term “splatterpunk” could be applied to films, Uncle Peckerhead is that, but with a more uplifting sensibility […] This film is a must-see for any fan of horror comedies, and especially for those who like a little carnage. The best punk rock horror film since Green Room, Uncle Peckerhead is DIY, small-budget filmmaking done perfectly right.” Bloody Disgusting

“You can take or leave the gore here. It’s sleazily zany and drenches scenes in approvable bloody redecorations, but I’m more impressed by Matthew John Lawrence’s character work within Duh. They’re a scrappy, energetic, easy-to-root-for trifecta of aspiring dreamers who happen to befriend a shapeshifting creature from beyond.” Flickering Myth

” …like its title character’s obvious flaws yet compelling charm, Uncle Peckerhead is a joy that had me grinning ear-to-ear throughout. If a movie can do that to me, I’m certain it could do that to many of you and why I highly recommend it.” Ginger Nuts of Horror

Uncle Peckerhead is a frightfully fun tour well worth embarking on; it’s gory, hilarious, and an all-around ghoulish good time!” Horror Fuel

“While this creates a fair share of fun moments, many viewers will surely be left wanting a little bit more. Meanwhile, the writing was certainly up to the task, however, a few duller moments affect the pacing and occasionally took away from the film’s energy. However, the many sequences that do work make up for these lacklustre moments.” Keith Loves Movies

“The most important and unexpected thing Uncle Peckerhead has is heart, a lot of it, which for me can always make up for a low budget or the occasional bout of silliness.” Killer Horror Critic

“It’s a small movie, but the heart and soul of Uncle Peckerhead stacks up with the best of them. This is due in no small part to an exceptional primary and supporting cast of actors, but it’s worth calling out the use of authentic locations, true-to-life set design, and a surprisingly solid sound mix.” Modern Horrors

“Sure, it drags at times, but I’d take a slower-paced movie with actual scenes over the hyper-fast hack-and-slash jobs mainstream editors employ to try to make films mean something that they don’t […] With Uncle Peckerhead, Matthew John Lawrence has created a fun film full of outrageous gore and genuine heart.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“Pulling off a film that balances impeccable comedic timing, a fully realized soundtrack, empathetic characters, complicated friendships, and a heaping dose of spatter gore — well, that’s a whole different story. Directed by horror short filmmaker Matthew John Lawrence, Uncle Peckerhead hits every single note and simultaneously manages to bang out a gory film that would make Herschell Gordon Lewis blush.” The Scariest Things

“The effects are well done and the camera doesn’t shy away from them. Even when played for laughs, like a punch in the face turning into a hand being bitten off, Uncle Peckerhead doesn’t water things down. A bloody and funny treat, Uncle Peckerhead even features some well-done songs.” Voices from the Balcony

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