CALEB (2020) Italian vampire movie, with trailers

Caleb is a 2020 Italian horror feature film about a young woman who is searching for her missing sister and finds ultimate evil in a small town.

Written, directed by and starring Roberto D’Antona (The Last Heroes; Road to Hell; The Wicked Gift) based on a story co-written with co-star Annamaria Lorusso, the L/D Production also stars Francesco Emulo and Alex D’Antona.


Rebecca is searching for her sister, a young journalist who went missing while investigating a series of unfortunate events. The trail leads her to Timere, a remote place far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where amidst the tight-lipped silence of the town’s inhabitants there’s an ever-growing fear of dark forces at work and no-one dares to leave their home at night.

Rebecca meets an extravagant writer, the churchwarden of the town and above all Caleb, a charming, rich and elegant man whose dark gaze hides a chilling secret. It’s in this town, where time appears to move between the shadows and danger lurks around every corner that Rebecca learns of the terrible truth and the battle between good and evil begins…

Cast and characters:

Roberto D’Antona … Caleb
Annamaria Lorusso … Rebecca Leone
Francesco Emulo … Gaspare Innocenti
Alex D’Antona … Gabriele
Natalia Moro … Marta La Rocca
Erica Verzotti … Elena Leone
Nicole Blatto … Cora
Susanna Tregnaghi … Anastasia
Mirko Giacchetti Mirko Giacchetti … William
Mirko D’Antona … Raoul
Sheena Hao … Mei Chang
Fabrizio Narciso … Adam
Carola Tallarico … Jolanda
Rossana Bena … Giacinta Rossetti
Giulia Mesisca … Adele

Filming locations:

Oleggio and Vogogna, Piemonte, Italy

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One Comment on “CALEB (2020) Italian vampire movie, with trailers”

  1. Looks great!

    I saw the first teaser trailer for this movie almost a year ago when it came out then saw the second trailer that came out in July as well and have been wondering when it will be released in the US and if it already has been where you find and watch it at?

    It said on the trailer and poster and IMDB it was released August 2nd but I thought maybe that was just Italy or something since I couldn’t find it in America at all but after almost half a year of searching I haven’t even been able to find it in Italian on a European Website, so where exactly do you find it?

    I get that it may have been reased to Europe first which is why it may initially not be in the US but I can’t even find it available to watch and released in Europe but it says August 2nd and some people have already reviewed it and watched it, so maybe it was screen at film festivals even during covid?

    But that still doesn’t explain when the movie will be released here digitally or othersise and where I can purchase and watch it at?

    Really hope it is released soon, was really looking forward to this one!

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