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Bloody Hell is a 2020 American-Australian horror feature film about a man with a messy past who flees abroad to escape his own personal demons – only to arrive somewhere much, much worse.

Directed by Alister Grierson from a screenplay written by Robert Benjamin, the Eclectik Vision-Heart Sleeve Productions movie stars Ben O’Toole (Nekrotronic), Meg Fraser, Caroline Craig and Matthew Sunderland.

Producers Brett Thornquest and Joshua Paul have explained the concept in a press blurb: “What would happen if a character like John Wick walked into the home of a deranged family with dark secrets? This film aims to show audiences that exact answer on a unique ride like no other of its kind.

The film starts with a bang, a few bangs actually… quite literally, then keeps the twists and turns coming. Hopefully, audiences have strapped themselves in and are ready for a ride, because if not… they are going to be thrown from their seats.”


“If you search deep enough there’s a subtext about not being able to choose your family, but director Alister Grierson (Sanctum, Kokoda) and American screenwriter Robert Benjamin have put all of their creative energy into a well-written, stylish, fun, edge-of-your-seat cat and mouse horror. There’s rarely a moment to breathe, and very little time for any serious underlying themes.” Cinema Australia

” …the combination of Grierson’s talents behind the camera and O’Toole’s talents in front of the camera make Bloody Hell a bloody good time […] There’s some truly demented stuff at the core of Bloody Hell that had me cackling in delight, and I really enjoyed how Grierson managed to subvert all my expectations throughout his latest directorial effort.” Daily Dead

“Many horror comedies lean more toward the funny side of things at the expense of chills and scares, but Bloody Hell serves up a denser amount of dread than many films in the genre. Plenty of gruesome violence and the physical aftermath of such is on display, with impressive practical effects. The film boasts many striking visuals, with cinematographer Brad Shield turning in wonderful work.” Horror Fuel

“Not only was this a fun and wild ride from beginning to end, it was also visually stunning, with some artistic and memorable imagery, as well as incredible cinematography by Brad Shield. The music, by Brian Cachia, managed to compliment those moments of madcap silliness while also ramping up the tension as the suspense built […] While there were moments when the story felt a little silly or predictable, it never once stopped being enjoyable…” Killer Horror Critic

“Darkly comic and comically dark, Bloody Hell is limited in its scope but has enough going for it to warrant a watch – especially for genre fans. Fast-paced and generally fun throughout, this one is a bloody good time.” The Prague Reporter

” …the final action sequence delivers far beyond what anyone could’ve expected, even in a film as wild as this one. We get a fuller view of the scope of his situation in a way that brings together some of the more gruesome elements introduced in passing early in the film, it’s really satisfying and definitely a great way to put a button on an already very fun film.” Screen Anarchy

Bloody Hell is Fraser’s first film, and she does an excellent job in a difficult role. Likewise, O’Toole manages to pull off multiple scenes of his talking and arguing with his alter ego. The two also have good chemistry and manage to make their unlikely pairing believable […] This is one of my favourite films of the year so far and I want to see more of what Grierson and Benjamin can do.” Voices from the Balcony

“It’s a stylishly shot for the budget film, with a fun score, an appealing star and a unique mix of horror, comedy and action elements that standout in the crowd of recent splatstick efforts. The movie is unapologetic about its genre trappings and delivers gory set pieces and belly laughs with equal faculty. Irreverent, high energy and a surefire hit on the midnight circuit, Bloody Hell is a bloody good time.” Wicked Horror


Bloody Hell will have its world premiere at the Fantasy Film Fest in Germany on September 13th 2020 and play additional festivals ahead of its theatrical release in Australia on October 8th. The Australian distributor is Entertainment Advocate. Meanwhile, a US distribution is available via Arclight Films.

Cast and characters:

Ben O’Toole … Rex
Meg Fraser … Alia
Caroline Craig … Mother
Matthew Sunderland … Father
Travis Jeffery … Gael / Gideon
Jack Finsterer … Uncle
David Hill … Olli
Joshua Brennan … Pete
Ashlee Lollback … Maddy
Sophia Emberson-Bain … Olivia
Ryan Tarran … Demon
Scott George … Werewolf
Daniel Weaver … Gorilla
Brad McMurray … Lizard
Sean Lynch … Ken King
Jessi Robertson … Young Alia
Charles Allen … Prosecuting Attorney
Louis Toshio Okada … Rex’s Attorney
Juan Fernando Monge … Fan Boy
Oakley Kwon … Angela Reynolds
Tim Ross … John Toole
Wilhelmina Lyffyt … Doctor
Bryan Probets … Finnish Passenger
Cameron Leonard … Straggler
Korey Williams … Pedestrian
Carmel Rose … News Anchor
Ellen Bailey … Laura Jenkins
Alan David Lee … William Hudson
Chris Bridgewater … Cowering man
Nathan Kannegiesser … Afraid Man
Jim Knobeloch … Patient
Helen Howard … Finnish Judge
Frances Marrington … Woman in bank
Lisa Campos … The Dentist


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