INSANITY (2020) preview of Finnish weekend away horror


‘Friendships suck’

Insanity is a Finnish horror feature film in which friendships are sorely tested over a weekend spent on an enigmatic getaway trip. Original title: Vihanpidot

Written and directed by Miska Kajanus – making his feature debut – the Piilo Productions movie stars Alina Tomnikov, Karlo Haapiainen, Saara Inari, Henry Pöyhiä and Hanna Angelvuo.


A group of friends head to an island for a getaway, class reunion, and a night of partying. During the fateful evening, the past begins to haunt them and old grudges from their shared past come to the surface. As the night turns awry, they start to fear there might also be something else on the island besides them. During one bloody night, old scores are settled, everything is brought to the surface, and revenge is undertaken…

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Cast and characters:

Alina Tomnikov … Vivi
Karlo Haapiainen … Leo
Saara Inari … Jane
Henry Pöyhiä … Tomi
Hanna Angelvuo … Sanni

Technical details:

75 minutes