Kin of Sin (2020) preview of evil spirit horror pic

Kin of Sin is a 2020 American horror feature film about two sisters fighting to prevent a brutal and bloody tragedy left over from the past sins of their mother.

Directed by Andrew Boomer from a screenplay written by Eric Parra, the movie stars Sara Molinar, Jessica Parker and Steven Bray. Produced by Victor Arenas and Daniel Gilmartin.


Two sisters, Emily and Allison, struggle to cope with the recent loss of their mother while their father, Dave has grown distant. Emily, a high school senior, finds comfort and strength in her newfound faith while Allison vents through a series of rash decisions.

As the girls pack their mother’s possessions for storage, hidden in the basement, they discover an unusual box made from acacia wood locked below and hidden away from prying eyes. Allison soon realises that inside this box is a necklace housing an evil spirit hellbent on revenge.

With her family now on the line, Emily must overcome the mystery of the cursed spirit and the mess of consequences left behind from her mother’s own sins or risk more tragedy in the family…


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