THE DEVIL TO PAY aka RECKONING (2019) reviews and overview


‘They started a war, she brought a reckoning’

The Devil to Pay aka Reckoning is a 2019 American thriller feature film about a struggling female farmer who has to fight for survival.

Written, produced and directed by Lane Skye and Ruckus Skye – writers of Becky and Rattle the Cage making their directorial debut -the Buckhead Film Group-Crooked Crow Films production stars Danielle Deadwyler, Catherine Dyer, Jayson Warner Smith and Adam Boyer.


After the disappearance of her husband, a struggling farmer in an isolated Appalachian community fights to save her son when the cold-hearted matriarch of the oldest family on the mountain demands payment of a debt that could destroy a decade’s old truce…

Reckoning remains true to these fascinating souls, reveling in the well-worn but idiosyncratic nature of their individual relationships—a tone matched by sly performances across the board. And just when you think you’ve settled into a scene or a relationship, Reckoning shocks you with a turn of events that is equal parts surprising and inevitable. It’s a stunning film…” MaddWolf

” …it’s Deadwyler’s show here and her passionate turn as Lemon will stick with you long after the credits roll. She is nothing short of miraculous in the role, equal parts fierce and empathetic. It’s one of the best performances I’ve seen so far this year. That goes for the film as a whole too: this is one of 2019’s very best.” The Nerd Party

“There is no doubt that Reckoning has a near limitless arsenal of cinematic ammunition at its disposal. However,  it’s the sheer velocity and direction in which it fires it that makes for one of the most important and engrossing movies of the year […] Despite its divergence and a relatively small budget, Reckoning is a riveting and classy thrill ride…” The People’s Movies

” …the way the plot unravels is part of what makes The Devil to Pay work so well. It’s a nicely done slow burn that introduces us to the characters and situation. And lets us see how evil the Runions are. Then it lets the last of the details out and we see they’re even worse than we thought. Which then sets up the bloody last act.” Voices from the Balcony

“I cannot stress enough how well executed this film is. Writers/directors Lane Skye and Ruckus Skye’s terrific debut feature is full of unique approaches to the revenge thriller genre, with dialogue that ranges from heartwarming to heartbreaking, from-out-of-left-field characters and twists, and more suspense than most recent blockbuster thrillers offer.” When It Was Cool


Opens in select drive-ins on October 2nd 2020 with an On-Demand and DVD release on October 6th.

Cast and characters:

Danielle Deadwyler … Lemon Cassidy
Catherine Dyer … Tommy Runion
Jayson Warner Smith … Wade Runion
Adam Boyer … Bull Runion
Charles Black … Grady
Brad Carter … Dixon Runion
Tim Habeger … The Fire Keeper
Michael Henry Harris … Heathen
Ezra Haslam … Coy
Shelby Hofer … The Acolyte
Parisa Johnston … Aurora
Thomas Magill … Heathen
Allison Maier … Crowman
Layla Rae Neal … Heathen
Luce Rains … Percy Knox

Filming locations:

Hiawassee, Georgia

Technical details:

87 minutes

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