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Alien Incursion is a 2006 American science-fiction horror feature film about a park ranger who must protect hikers from an invasion of aliens. Meanwhile, hunters want to eliminate the creatures and any witnesses to their arrival on earth…

Directed by Jeffery Scott Lando [as Jeffery Lando] (RobosharkBoogeymanGoblin; Insecticidal; et al) from a screenplay written by Jeff O’Brien (Cannibal Lipstick; Attack of the Giant Leeches 2008; Prey for the Beast; Insecticidal).

The movie stars Kiara Hunter (The Thing Below; Bordello of Blood; Mask of Death), Tom O’Brien, Ken Roberts (Fatal Pulse; The Vindicator) and Kristina Copeland (Savage Island).


Alien Incursion is a real surprise in indie sci-fi fare. Because it’s done very well given its contemporaries, those minor gaffes can be forgiven readily in light of the incredible achievement it represents.” Film Threat

“Alien critters land in the woods, infect hikers, chest burst, grow into very boring looking CGI gargoyle things and eat other hikers. Also there’s some moustache-twirling black ops dudes who want to Contain The Situation (TM), obviously by murder and other nasty bad unpleasant deeds [….] t’s all very silly and not terribly entertaining.” Gristle McNerd

“This film is a low budget effort, not unlike the typical Syfy films, with the typical group of monster-fodder characters. The alien creatures look like mutant monster frogs and are cheap CGI stuff, but it’s fairly entertaining if you keep your expectations low and just fancy a dumb monster flick.” Strongboy

“Despite a rather silly script and the poorly animated CGI monsters which don’t look real at all, the movie becomes more and more exciting in the second half, so from my point of view, it is ok for a straight to video production. Recommended? Well, I’ve seen much worse.” Unbroken Metal

“At times this is a heartbreaking film in which some sultry campers die horribly, but will the nubile Ranger Kelly survive? […] The perky and beautiful Ranger Kelly will figure prominently in one of the best endings in movie history, so ignore IMDb and take in Alien Incursion.” Zisi Emporium for B Movies

Choice dialogue:

Harry Jones [Ken Roberts]:  “Are you gonna bore us all to death with bad metaphors?”

Cast and characters:

Kiara Hunter … Ranger Kelly Jones
Tom O’Brien … Stucker
Ken Roberts … Harry Jones
Kristina Copeland … Cheryl
Michael Coleman … Bobby (as Mike Coleman)
David Lewis … Stevie
John Shaw … Claude
Holly Elissa … Honey (as Holly Dignard)
Jaida Hay … Terri
Samantha McLeod … Sam
Grayson Hosie … Jack
Sean Whale … Trey
Brad Dryborough … Slade
John Sampson … Alien Hunter #1
Noah Dalton Danby … Alien Hunter #2 (as Noah Danby)
Richard Jollymore … Alien Hunter #3
Edward Brando … Alien Hunter #4
Bryan Shinohara … Alien #6

Technical details:

86 minutes

Also known as:

Alien Species: Predator Attack (Austria), A Invasão dos Aliens (Brazil) and Alien Zero (Japan).

Working title:

Alien Ops: Incursion


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