NUNS: AN ITALIAN HORROR STORY (2020) Preview of convent chiller

Nuns: An Italian Horror Story is a 2020 Italian horror film about the caretaker of a convent who falls in love with the housekeeper.

Directed by Giovanni Aloisio (shorts: Mouth of HorrorNun: An Italian Horror Story; Phantasma) from a screenplay co-written by Daniela Flaccomio, the movie stars Mattia Galantino, Agata Paradiso, Caterina Orlando and Celeste Francavilla.


In Italy, young Bruno lives in an old convent with three nuns used as a guesthouse. He gives them help, but the convent is so great as to require the employment of a new housekeeper, Helena. She is a young, beautiful woman and Bruno soon falls in love with her. The nuns begin to have a strange attitude, resulting in them not fully accepting the presence of Helena.

Meanwhile, a University professor, Professor Goffredi decides to spend a night with his two sons and begins to investigate the strange origins of the convent…


Released on VOD on November 11th 2020. In the USA, a DVD will be released by Bayview Films on February 16, 2021.

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Cast and characters:

Mattia Galantino … Bruno
Agata Paradiso … Helena
Caterina Orlando … Sister Virginia
Celeste Francavilla … Sister Letizia
Luca Pertino … Rare book dealer
Antonella Genga … Deborah
Domenico Tacchio … Aldo
Fabiana Cianci … Sister Gratia
Silvia Cuccovillo … Aldo’s wife
Antonio Memeo … Prof. Goffredi
Max Diele … Father Romeo
Maria Giovanna Tom … Girl of the dream
Antonio Pio Sansonne … Helena’s father
Giuseppe Misurelli … Young thief
Mina Albanese … Helena’s mother

Technical details:

101 minutes




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