ECHOES OF VIOLENCE (2021) Reviews of revenge crime thriller


‘Sometimes, forgiveness isn’t an option’

Echoes of Violence is a 2021 American crime thriller about an immigrant who seeks revenge against the immigration lawyer who ruined her life.

Written and directed by Nicholas Woods (The Axiom), the movie stars Frank Oz, Sam Anderson, Sean Dillingham and Amy Tolsky.


“I feel it could have shaved at least ten minutes and not have a negative impact on storytelling. The acting and script, while strong, were dragged down by the characters and story because they never really branched out into new territory. None of this breaks the movie, however, you end up with déjà vu–you’ve seen these revenge movies before, sometimes better and sometimes worse.” Horror Buzz

Echoes of Violence runs an hour and forty-six well-used minutes. Despite its relative lack of violence the film never really drags, much of the additional time being used to show pivotal scenes from multiple character’s perspectives. A solid thriller with a lot going for it…” Voices from the Balcony


Echoes of Violence will have it’s World premiere at Cinequest between March 20th to 30th 2021, online. Book here

Cast and characters:

Frank Oz … Dante
Sam Anderson … Conroy
Sean Dillingham … Jonathan
Amy Tolsky … Sue
Jennifer Levinson … Nurse Nikki
Heston Horwin … Alex
David Thomas Newman … Hal
James Ken Blackmon … Cooper
Michaella Russell … Marakya
Taylor Flowers … Anthony
Maynard Bagang … Donald
Graham Clarke … Ken the Gunmaker
Verity Branco … Lori
DeJean Brown … Terrance
Krystel Roche … Jennifer

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California
Sedona, Arizona

Technical details:

106 minutes
Audio: D-Cinema 48kHz 5.1