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‘Hell is coming’
On the 3rd Day is a 2021 Argentinian horror film about a mother who will whatever she can to find her missing son after a car crash… even if it costs her to go through hell itself. Also known as On the Third Day

Directed by Daniel de la Vega (White Coffin; Necrophobia) from a screenplay co-written by Alberto Fasce and Gonzalo Ventura. Produced by Daniel de la Vega and Néstor Sánchez Sotelo.

The Del Toro Films (The Funeral Home; I Am Toxic)-Furia Films production stars Moro Anghileri, Gerardo Romano, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk, Osvaldo Santoro and Diego Cremonesi.

Cecilia and her son Martín have a car accident. On the third day after the crash, she wanders by herself on a lonely route and there is no clue of her son. She can’t remember what happened during this time and she is desperately looking for her son.

On her quest, she finds coincidences with her case and other police files, which seem to be acts of brutal hunting. The circles go round and Cecilia will end up facing a religious man, who is responsible for this slaughter. For her, he is a lunatic. For him, Cecilia is the enemy…

“The central mystery of the movie is captivating. We don’t know until the very end how the pieces tie together. Trying to assemble each new clue is great fun, and the implications of the big reveal are chilling. On the 3rd Day also has a lot of sublimely bloody mayhem leading up to the finale. Not for the squeamish…” The Aisle Seat

” …the film is less concerned with making sharp allegories than it is about tight plotting and stylistic pacing. And that’s not a bad thing, since de la Vega has enough style to spare for a wickedly-paced and more-than-welcome 84-minute runtime […] The unseen monster, though relatively predictable even before its eventual reveal, still conjures up enough existential dread to fuel the individual moments of horror that provide the overall film with an unstoppable momentum.” Film Book

” …the style of storytelling makes it feel fresh and relevant. All while managing to stay true to the vampire horror movie classic elements. Also, the ending of On the 3rd Day is brutal! Sure, you might guess what’s coming for the On the 3rd Day ending when it’s approaching. But again, the way it’s told hits perfectly.” Heaven of Horror

On the 3rd Day paces itself perfectly, raising its new questions quickly enough to keep you intrigued but slowly enough that it never feels like it’s too much. Instead, it draws you deeper and deeper into the story, and you become more invested in it with each passing moment. Then, when you start to get some answers, your jaw will absolutely hit the floor […] I highly recommend giving this one a shot.” Horror Obsessive

“Star Mariana Anghileri gives a heroic performance as the mother trapped by a sense that she knows deep down she won’t like the answers she seeks but has to keep pressing on anyway, even as more bodies pile up around her. As the film progresses, it begins to get clearer where this is headed and that’s when it starts to slow its roll… but director Daniel de la Vega doesn’t let up on a persistent use of mirrors and camera tricks to both scare and wow the viewer.” The MN Movie Man

” …as de la Vega gradually closes the gap of Cecilia’s memory blackouts with a different kind of horror that, though in evidence from the start, remains well buried in his disorienting, time-shuffled narrative. A beautifully crafted wild and bumpy ride through clashing subgenres and colliding traditions, On The 3rd Day is further proof of Argentina’s status as a haven of horror.” Projected Figures


“Anghileri’s standout performance as a distraught, confused mother is amazing, as her character is put through the wringer and the actress nails every nuance that is asked of her. Romano is also sublime in his multifaceted role […] There’s no shortage of tension and intrigue, and its combination of current filmmaking technology with a seventies Eurohorror vibe is a blast, giving the film a unique look and feel.” The Scariest Things

“The novelty of On the 3rd Day is the change up as it goes into the final act. Taking a page from the book of cinema that reads, ‘It’s so crazy it might just work’, the success of the film from then on depends on the reception of its audience of this wild turn of events. To that point it is a good horror thriller, delivering good scares and chills.” Screen Anarchy

“Protagonist Cecilia is fine, but one-note, and the helpful doctor and grizzled detective who are aiding and pursuing her respectively, feel fairly flat and one-dimensional. There’s not a ton in the way of subtext or deeper meaning, and though serviceable, the special effects aren’t much to write home about. The film is carried mostly by visuals, ambiance and the sudden acceleration that occurs in the final act…” Tilt

On the Third Day is a very slow-paced film, which would be fine, except the payoff here isn’t good enough to warrant the time it takes to reach it […] But there are extended periods of very little happening and even less context for why those things have happened when they have. At least until the finale, from which comes a dump of exposition, sluggishly explaining what we’ve already figured out for ourselves.” UK Film Review

“If you are at all familiar with horror, written or filmed, you’ll probably figure out what’s behind On the 3rd Day’s mystery within the first fifteen minutes. But that’s not a reason to turn it off, that’s just part of a multilayered plot that is fascinating to watch unfold. And still has a nasty surprise waiting at the end.” Voices from the Balcony

” …a clever and carefully-structured horror film which successfully incorporates several horror tropes without settling into a rut. Taking first one route and then another, the film makes you doubt your allegiances and presents several narrative strands, bringing all of these together as something which is familiar but feels brand-new.” Warped Perspective

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