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‘Face your worst nightmare’

I Am Toxic is a 2018 Argentinian science fiction survival horror feature film set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland rife with infection and death.

Directed by Pablo Paré and Daniel de la Vega from a screenplay co-written with Paulo Soria, Soy tóxico stars Esteban Prol, Horacio Fontova, Sergio Podeley, Gastón Cocchiarale and Fini Bocchino.


In a pile of dead bodies, someone wakes up. Who is he? How did he end up there? Amnesia is the first stage of an infection that turns humans into dried husks of flesh.

Hunger led them to eat corpses from the bacteriological war of the North, thrown from the sky to the South of the Latin American continent. Dog – the name given to him by three wild men and a young girl – begins an insane and bloody race to survive…


Whilst the story is pretty good and quite unique […] with excellent cinematography and costumes to die for… the film is let down by its pace.” The B Club

“It does deliver enough blood and gore to satisfy most horror fans but it’s oddly slow-paced for a film that lasts only 76 minutes. Once it kicks into second gear, I Am Toxic definitely improves but I fear it may be too little too late.” Entertainment Focus

“The look is that bled-out colourless murk which has become a default for inexpensive downbeat apocalypses, though the gloom is relieved by flashes of gruesome humour thanks to the blunders of the still-human clan (one gag involves a slippery floor and a dangling meathook). There’s still horror to be had from the swarming living dead, though this works its way through a memory maze rather than builds up suspense.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“A gritty look and mood, wonderful set design and cool costume work, and some high-quality performances pull the somewhat shallow story into a higher position. The plot itself, while thin, is still very enjoyable and with the imaginative and apocalyptically brooding imagery, it looks bloody great. A futuristic horror tale full of blood, dust and steel, I Am Toxic (Soy tóxico) is a delightfully dark film that has a lot going for it.” Nerdly

“Like most good post-apocalyptic films, I Am Toxic is concerned as much with the ills of the present day as of the future, and though it is for the most part incessantly bleak and brutal, its ending offers a smile (and a possibility of escape and hope) that many viewers may find infectious.” Projected Figures


I Am Toxic arrives on digital platforms on October 20th 2020 from Gorgon Video.

Technical details:

76 minutes

Original title:

Soy tóxico

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