CALL TIME: THE FINALE (2021) Preview of horror movie


‘The greatest horror movie ever made’

Call Time: The Finale is a 2021 American horror film about a mysterious killer who terrorises members of a movie crew shooting a movie. Originally known as Call Time

Directed and photographed by Derrick Hammond from a screenplay written by Nicanson Guerrier. Produced by James Hunter. The 1st Dibz Entertainment production stars Marcus T. Paulk, Tyrone Magnus, Lynese ‘Babs’ Wiley and Mercedes Gutierrez.


When a crew is hired to shoot a horror film, it’s lights, camera, action…and murder. A creepy old house, a reclusive grandmother, and a one-eyed groundskeeper puts everyone on edge but when people begin to disappear, the real nightmare begins.

They learn they are not the first team to be hired and they now find themselves in the spotlight, where the finale is their own demise…

Release date:

Call Time: The Finale was released on DVD and On-Demand on April 20, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Marcus T. Paulk … Phillip
Tyrone Magnus … Ethan Shaw
Mercedes Gutierrez … Lia Lopez
Sarah Vaughn Perry … Keisha
Jennifer Rosario … Jenny Granger
Jerrica Carr … Cora
Reggie Peters … Derek Chambers
Sarah J. Butler … Abigail Easton
Chloë Marie Rhoades … Young Marsha Bischer
Tiffany M Jordan … Niko
Lynese ‘Babs’ Wiley … Tasha
Candy Goodhart … Marsha Bischer
Jeremy Wood … Sean Bischer
Royce Reed … Reporter Valerie Evans
Kierra Pitts … Ally


Ignore the obviously fake 9/10 and 10/10 reviews on IMDb.


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