THE GHOSTS OF BORLEY RECTORY (2021) Review of British horror


‘Some mysteries are best left buried’

The Ghosts of Borley Rectory is a 2021 British horror film in which Harry Price recalls the spooky time he had staying at the titular residence. This is a follow-up to The Haunting of Borley Rectory (2018).

Directed by Steven M. Smith (Dead Again; Doll HouseDoll CemeteryThe HowlingThe Doll MasterHaunted) from a screenplay co-written with Christopher Jolley (Age of the Living DeadOnce Upon a Time at ChristmasVirus of the Dead).

The movie stars Tobey Wynn-Davies, Julian Sands (A Nasty Piece of Work; Warlock franchise; Gothic), Colin Baker (The Asylum; Doctor Who), Christopher Ellison and Toyah Willcox (Swiperight; Doll House; Heckle; Point of Death).


“Being a low budget film there are a fair amount of talky scenes, but the script has the good sense to put some scares in some of those scenes even if it’s just a simple jump scare. And there are plenty of those throughout the film. The horror in The Ghosts of Borley Rectory never really gets much deeper than that, but sometimes that’s fine…” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Toby Wynn-Davies … Harry Price
Julian Sands … Lionel Foyster
Colin Baker … Charles Sutton
Christopher Ellison … Basil Payne
Toyah Willcox … Estelle Roberts
Reece Putinas … Mark Kerr-Pearse
Leila Kotori … Marianne Foyster
Louisa Warren … Helen Glanville
Richard Harfst … Sidney Glanville
Lee Hancock … Roger Glanville
Primrose Bigwood … Marie
Matthew Pullum … Inspector Clay
J. Taviner … Orderly Medic
Nicholas Taviner … Orderly Medic
David Warren … Reverand Henning

Production companies:

GlobalWatch Films
CoCo Pictures
Greenway Entertainment
ChampDog Films