Doll House – UK, 2020 – preview

Doll House is a 2020 British horror feature film about a young girl, her doll and the titular dollhouse.

Written and directed by Steven M. Smith (Doll CemeteryThe HowlingThe Doll MasterHaunted) the Rellik Films-Greenway Entertainment-Champdog Films production stars Mark Wingett, Toyah Willcox (Invasion Planet Earth; Quadrophenia), Louisa Warren (director of Vikings vs. Krampus; Tooth Fairy; Curse of the Scarecrow; et al) and Paul Danan (Are We Dead Yet?).


A care home for child runaways takes in an eleven-year-old girl, her only belongings are a doll and mysterious dollhouse. She refuses to speak and won’t ever let go of her doll. The other children tease her.

People start to disappear and seem to appear as tiny dolls inside the dollhouse. It transpires that an evil entity haunts the doll and dollhouse and is collecting the souls of the children for its ultimate cause, to be alive…


Doll House will be released by 101 Films on 23rd March 2019 and will be on DVD in UK retailers and on Digital download.

Cast and characters:

  • Mark Wingett … James
  • Toyah Willcox … Layla
  • Louisa Warren … Heather
  • Paul Danan … Andy
  • Jake Taviner … Byron
  • Kate Lush … Chloe
  • Sarah Dorsett … Lady in Audience
  • Luke Stevenson … Liam
  • Jim Ruel … Jim
  • Jennifer Leahey … Emma
  • Gaz de Vere … Photographer in audience
  • Will Cutmore … Will
  • Susan Cutmore … Susan
  • Connor Starling … Noah
  • Saskia Sheridan … Stephanie

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