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Ghost Master is a 2019 Japanese comedy horror film in which a script becomes transformed into an evil book of the dead. The script possesses the star of low-budget movie production and the set is turned into a bloodbath.

Directed by Paul Young from a screenplay written by Ichirô Kusuno, the movie stars Mizuki Itagaki, Takahiro Miura and Riko Narumi.


Akira Kurosawa is a nerdy movie buff who works on low budget romantic comedies while dreaming of becoming a horror master. After being bullied by his mentor, the master, he finally decides he’s had enough and opens a door allowing an evil spirit to wreak revenge on those who have been cruel to him.

However, much like the movies he loves, once a spirit is unleashed, it can’t be controlled and starts to kill everyone…


“Paul Young’s independent Japanese horror-comedy is an inventive and frequently hilarious riff on both demon tales and films about movie-making […] a bloodbath of crazy body horror effects, largely done practically, that would make Sam Raimi proud.” AnOther

“While some of the kills are entertaining they are ruined by the heavy use of bad CGI and it’s a shame as when practical effects are used most of it looks great. The same thing can apply to the comedy, the opening moments are really funny but then the rest of the film just was not funny…” RD Films


“With the emphasis firmly on the film’s humour, Ghost Master is never really scary beyond the occasional jump scare. But it is an amusing and bloody send-up of the genre that should appeal to fans of The Evil Dead franchise as well as J Horror fans.” Voices from the Balcony

“At times Ghostmaster is a straight-up comedy, with the script and fine performances from the cast delivering the bulk of the laughs. The reliance on comedy means that the scares aren’t as frightening or horrific as they could be. The over-the-top special effects and comedy performances remove any danger from the film.” The Wee Review

Original title:

Gôsuto masutâ


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