HELL OF THE SCREAMING UNDEAD (2021) Preview – now with trailer



‘This scream will be your last’

Hell of the Screaming Undead is a 2021 American science fiction horror film about two ex-convicts that kidnap women during a zombie outbreak.

Written, directed and edited by Dustin Ferguson (Zombi VIII: Urban Decay; Apex Predator; Ebola Rex vs. Murder HornetsRattlers 2ArachnadoAmityville ToyboxCamp Blood 4 and 5). Co-produced by Alexander McIntosh and Gregory Paul Smith.

The movie stars Robert Allen Mukes (Z Dead End; Valentine DayZ; Bone Tomahawk; House of 1000 Corpses), Lynn Lowry (Pretty Fine ThingsModel HungerCat People 1982; Shivers), Mel Novak, Jennifer Nangle, Traci Burr, D.T. Carney and Erik Anthony Russo.


In 1989, two ex-convicts kidnap two women and take refuge in a cabin in the woods during a zombie outbreak in Los Angeles.


Hell of the Screaming Undead will be released by SCS Entertainment in October 2021.

Cast and characters:

Robert Allen Mukes … Warren
Lynn Lowry … Mary’s Mother
Mel Novak … Governor Patrick Adams
Jennifer Nangle … Mary
Traci Burr … Heather
D.T. Carney … Sheriff
Erik Anthony Russo … Miles
Geovonna Casanova … Doctor Shaw
Noel Jason Scott … Lead Zombie
Ken May … Trapper
Joshua Moomey … Zombie
Yvette Yzon … Doctor Dimao
Ricky Egan … Crutch Zombie
Eric Larsen … Doctor Mattei
Julie Ann Ream … Ann
Tino R. Zamora … Jose

Fun facts:

The second-unit director was Italian filmmaker Domiziano Cristopharo.

Teaser trailer: