APEX PREDATORS (2021) Reviews and overview of worst shark movie

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‘The city of dreams becomes the city of nightmares!’

Apex Predators is a 2021 American horror film about a man-eating shark menacing and terrorising beachgoers in Los Angeles.

Written, edited and directed by Dustin Ferguson (Ebola Rex vs. Murder Hornets; Rattlers 2; Arachnado; Amityville Toybox; Camp Blood 4 and 5; Demon Dolls; et al) who also handled the digital effects.

The SoCal Cinema Studios production stars Brinke Stevens, Mia Scozzafave (Attack of the Unknown), Mel Novak (Ash and Bone; An Hour to Kill; Family Reunion), Maria Olsen (I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu; et al) and Dawna Lee Heising (Amityville: Evil Never Dies; et al).

The cinematography was handled by Chuck Cirino who worked on most of Jim Wynorski‘s movies from Chopping Mall (1986) to CobraGator (2015).

Originally announced in 2019 as Los Angeles Shark Attack, then known as Jaws of Los Angeles for a while until Universal presumably threatened legal action.



The beaches near Los Angeles have been the scene of several recent grisly mutilations. With the bodies drenched with water and scars not resembling any modern street weapon, the police begin to suspect it’s a rogue shark.

With the much anticipated grand opening of a new beachside resort quickly approaching and the bodies beginning to pile up, it is up to marine biologists Doctor Rebecca Mattei (Brinke Stevens) and her colleague Doctor Elaine Ripley (Vida Ghaffari) to help local authorities capture the animal before it’s too late…


” …a film so cheap that we never actually see any shark attacks. At most, we get a couple of wide-angle shots of a fin in the water and all the rest is implied. It is the novelty of a killer shark film that is too cheap to actually provide any sharks – not even the digital ones that most other filmmakers opt for. The ending is the most ridiculous part of the film.” Rating: 0 Moria

” …there are no on-screen shark attacks in Apex Predator. A shark attack film with no shark attacks, sounds really exciting, eh? Victims just vanish under the water, or the camera cuts away and they’re gone when it returns. No blood, no struggles, rarely even a fin in the water. There’s working around a low budget and then there’s not even trying.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Apex Predators is unleashed on Digital and DVD by Wild Eye Releasing on May 11th 2021.

Choice dialogue:

Doctor Charlene Brinkman [Brinke Stevens]: “Maybe we’re witnessing the new phase of shark evolution?”

Cast and characters:

Brinke Stevens … Doctor Charlene Brinkman
Mel Novak … Robert Clouse Williamson
Julie Anne Prescott … Sandy
Dawna Lee Heising … Brigitte
Mike Ferguson … Mike Hooper
Mia ScozzaFave … Rebecca Romaine
Shawn C. Phillips … Dude
Maria Olsen … Momma Maria
Sheri Davis … Sheri
Peter Stickles … DJ Carter B
Dustin Ferguson … The Flasher / Running Man #1
Alan Maxson … Shark Fuel Fiend
Shane Ryan … Beach-Goer#5
Scott Butler … Officer Burns
Ben Stobber … Lifeguard Ben
Thom Michael Mulligan … Doctor Juke Westwind
Raymond Vinsik Williams … Kirk Williamson
Jonathan Nation … Big Dog
Vida Ghaffari … Dr Elaine Ripley
Eric Reingrover … Eric Jones
Rebecah Rye … Hot Beach Bebe # 3
D.T. Carney … Gregory’s Father
Ken May … Duder
Gabriel F. Bellotti … Gabe Williamson
Geovonna Casanova … Side-kick
Franquita Oliver … Franquita
Matthew Festle … Gregory
Selena D. … Hot Beach Babe #2
Alana Evans … Movie Star
Clint Beaver … ‘Shark bait’ Carl
Ian Boyd … Lifeguard Joe
Michael Doherty … Carl’s Friend

Technical details:

70 minutes

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MOVIES and MANIA rating:

Beyond the very, very briefly seen sharks by way of stock footage, the real predator here is fraud filmmaker Dustin Ferguson who has managed to cobble together a languidly paced travelogue style lazy effort designed solely to fleece anyone tempted by the generic and dishonest artwork provided by Wild Eye Releasing.

Between seemingly endless shots of beachside locations, a vast cast of low-budget movie regulars appear onscreen briefly to indulge in corny conversations – some of which seem improvised – about the supposed menace of a shark attack. Characters indoors react to situations that occur on the beach outside! Anyone paying to see this pitiful con job will be rightly dismayed This is the worst shark rip-off movie ever released.

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

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