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‘Prepare to be altered’

White Sky is a 2021 British science fiction film about an alien invasion that turns people into mind-controlled beings: the “altered”.

Produced and directed by Adam Wilson (Crawl to Me Darling) from a screenplay written by Philip Daay (Fear the Invisible Man; Alone; Crystal’s Shadow; Left in Darkness).

The Buddy Box Films-M and M Film Productions movie stars Natalie Martins (Vampire Virus; A Werewolf in England; The Barge People; Poltergeist Activity), Makenna Guyler (The Curse of Hobbes HouseVampire VirusBlood BagsThe Barge PeopleCoulrophobia), Ade Dimberline (Bone Breaker; A Dark Path) and Jordan McFarlane.


“Much of White Sky has a feeling of hopelessness, that be it due to the aliens, or each other, nobody is getting out of this alive. It added an edge to everything as it felt like something could go wrong at any moment […] White Sky is an acceptable if forgettable alien invasion film that would have been improved by a good edit.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

In North America, Vision Films will release White Sky On-Demand on October 19, 2021.


Cast and characters:

Ade Dimberline … Liam
Natalie Martins … Hailey
Makenna Guyler … Sienna
Jordan McFarlane … Josh
Malcolm Winter … Altered
Danielle Shurey … Altered
Adam Emerton … Altered
Cameron Townend … Altered
Annabelle Mackinnon-Austin … Altered
Hayley Jayne … Altered
Joel Rees … Altered

Technical details:

105 minutes


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