Blood Bags – Italy, 2018 – reviews


‘Blood is thicker than water’

Blood Bags is a 2018 Italian horror feature film written and directed by Emiliano Ranzani (shorts: Miriam; Langliena; writer of The Theatre Bizarre segment ‘The Mother of Toads’). The movie stars Makenna Guyler, Emanuele Turetta and Marta Tananyan.


A monster stalks the corridors of an abandoned mansion, targeting those curious enough to find themselves inside. Two friends break in and discover that all exits have been sealed off. The creature that hunts them is growing hungry for their blood and there is no escape…

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” …while there’s a couple of nice effects the film is short on gore […] We do at least get some imaginative photography and atmospheric shots courtesy of Ranzani who’s also the camera operator on Blood Bags. They help make the film a lot more effective than it really has a right to be.” Voices from the Balcony


Devilworks is distributing Blood Bags worldwide. In May 2019, it was announced at Cannes that High Octane Pictures has bought the rights for North American distribution. It was announced that Blood Bags will premiere on December 3rd on DVD and Digital.

Cast and characters:

  • Makenna Guyler … Tracy – The Barge PeopleCoulrophobia 
  • Emanuele Turetta … Alex
  • Marta Tananyan … Petra
  • Alberto Sette … Vittorio
  • Salvatore Palombi … Antonio
  • Denitza Diakovska … Laura
  • Franco Olivero … Bruno Cramori
  • Mario Cellini … The Creature
  • Riccardo Leto … Tony
  • Francesco Savarino … Vincenzo
  • Claudio Santagata … Apparition #1
  • Gabriella Dal Farra … Prostitute
  • Arturo Cartella … Pusher #2
  • Alberto Manfred … Apparition #2
  • Stefano Accomo … Pusher #1

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