HURT (2021) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t open your eyes’

Hurt is a 2021 American horror film directed by Sonny Mallhi (Family Blood; Anguish; producer of At the Devil’s Door) from a screenplay co-written with Solomon Gray (short: Crybaby).

Originally filmed and screened in 2018, additional footage was shot by Mallhi for its 2021 release.

The movie stars Emily Van Raay, Andrew Creer, Bradley Hamilton, Stephanie Moran, and Natalie Olivia Clarke.


Rose (Emily Van Raay) moves into a house in the woods close to her sister after her boyfriend gets deployed and things don’t go right when Halloween night arrives…


Hurt does a wonderful job of creating a terrifying atmosphere in which everyone is in danger. Its attempts to provide well rounded characters is hit and miss, ranging between more than what is usually seen to laughably over the top. Some will also dislike that the true horror does not start until about an hour in.” AIPT

Hurt is going to be divisive for many. It’s deliberately paced and places a strong emphasis on broken relationships with flawed characters that aren’t easy to root for. It’s not conventional, but it is an admirable attempt to put fear back into the slasher.” Bloody Disgusting

Hurt features a twist that induces cringes not for its lack of cleverness, but for trading on any integrity of commentary concerning troubled marriages and military veteran reintegration to conclude on an unsatisfying shock. The lasting impression becomes that of a movie uncertain of its identity as a fright film or atmospheric drama, and that started firing blindly before all of its ducks were in a row.” Culture Crypt

Hurt asks a lot of its viewers, but never rewards them for their patience. I respect the thematic underpinnings and the choice to resist the slasher audience’s expectations of violence. I only wish its thesis was fully realized, with more interesting conflict throughout and with more poignance in the finale. The only feeling I walked away with was disappointment.” Dread Central

Hurt is the kind of movie that seems to actively fight with the audience’s attention, pushing them away at every chance it gets. It’s a visually stylish film that’s well shot, but the unlikable roster of characters and a killer whose motivations are uninteresting at best make this one of Blumhouse’s weaker efforts.” Film Pulse

“There are many pieces that come together to make the whole and, at times, it’s simply too much. For some, the pace and the cinematography will make them crazy and it will not matter how clever the story may or may not be. Overall, Hurt is a smart look at the masks that we all wear as we navigate through the nightmare that is life.” Haddonfield Horror

“It’s disturbing in a sense, like the tension of The Strangers, where you really never know what the f*ck will happen and where. And the film does a brilliant job tapping into this large collective fear many of us share. It’s a solid film worthy of your time and attention.” Morbidly Beautiful

“It’s a thriller, a drama with scares, a diatribe on the effects of war (one of the characters suffers from PTSD) and the breakdown of family/society. In other words, Sonny Mallhi has made a film that despises the very genre in which it sits […] it’s as dull as dishwater.” Nerdly

“When things do get crazy in its final act, the story has to pull the viewer by the nose and then slap you on the wrists for what you were anticipating. It’s bold but in a reckless way. Lacking poignancy in its different way of trying to thrill an audience, there’s little reason this experiment couldn’t have been half as long.”

“The places it does eventually go are graphic and nasty and seriously disturbing, and when we get to them, we realize how everything that came before was setting us up. Hurt is about the culture of violence and horror, and how easy it can be for us to deal with both in a venue where we know they’re fake while being unable or unprepared to handle true menace or madness stemming from around or within us.” Rue Morgue


Hurt premiered at the 2018 Fantasia festival on July 19th 2018.

In North America, Hurt was released theatrically and On-Demand and Digital by Gravitas Ventures on December 10, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Emily Van Raay … Rose
Andrew Creer … Tommy
Bradley Hamilton … Mark – Unholy Night; TV series: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments; I Make Corpses short
Stephanie Moran … Lily – Canada Day short; Ghastlies; Johnny in the Attic short
Michelle Treacy … Dana
Natalie Olivia Clarke … Millie
Madelaine Gionnet … Friend
Adam Drodge … The Large Man
Alex Friesen … The Ghoul
Piper Davies … The Rabbit
Halla Trineer … Teenage Boy
Hannah Gordon … The Witch
Emily Kafoury … Teenage Girl

Production companies:

Zed Filmworks
Shotgun Shack Pictures
Ten Thirty-One Productions
Activist Artists Management
Blumhouse Productions
Eggplant Pictures

Filming locations:

Ottawa, Canada

Aspect ratio:

Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1


Hurt was originally posted in July 2018 and has been reposted to coincide with the film’s North American release.



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