TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2022) Now with first image of Olwen Fouéré as Sally Hardesty


Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) – A teaser trailer has now appeared online and it’s been confirmed the film will go straight to Netflix.

Co-producer Fede Álvarez recently explained the premise of the film and Old Man Leatherface’s role to Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s basically the same character, who is still alive. Our take on it was this guy probably disappeared after everything he’s done. You know, how do you catch a guy who has a mask? Once he removes the mask and runs away, it’s very easy for him to hide somewhere. This story will pick it up many, many years after the original story. He’s been in hiding for a long, long time, trying to be a good person.”


It was previously reported that “The movie takes place years after the shocking events of the original, in a setting where Leatherface hasn’t been seen or heard from since. The film seeks to pick up where the Hooper and Kim Henkel film initially left off, bringing the most notorious horror franchise back to life in the same bold and provocative manner that it was first introduced to the world.”


The following synopsis has now been released:

“After nearly fifty years of hiding, Leatherface returns to terrorize a group of idealistic young friends who accidentally disrupt his carefully shielded world in a remote Texas town.”

“Melody (Sarah Yarkin), her teenage sister Lila (Elsie Fisher), and their friends Dante (Jacob Latimore) and Ruth (Nell Hudson), head to the remote town of Harlow, Texas to start an idealistic new business venture. But their dream soon turns into a waking nightmare when they accidentally disrupt the home of Leatherface, the deranged serial killer whose blood-soaked legacy continues to haunt the area’s residents — including Sally Hardesty (Olwen Fouéré), the sole survivor of his infamous 1973 massacre who’s hell-bent on seeking revenge.”

The film will stream on Netflix on February 18th 2022. Here’s our previous coverage:

The film, which was shot in 2020, has been rated ‘R’ by the MPA for “Strong bloody horror violence and gore, and language.”

Before that, Legendary Pictures revealed a teaser poster for its Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie which they partnered with Fede Álvarez and Rodolfo Sayague’s Bad Hombre Films banner, to produce. Fede Álvarez, is, of course, the director of the splendid Evil Dead (2013) remake and the freakishly enjoyable Don’t Breathe (2016), It has been directed by David Blue Garcia (Tejano) from a screenplay written by Thomas Devlin.

The movie stars Elsie Fisher, Sarah Yarkin, Mark Burnham (as Old Man Leatherface), Moe Dunford, Olwen Fouéré, Alice Krige, Jacob Latimore, Nell Hudson, Jessica Allain, Sam Douglas, William Hope and Jolyon Coy.

We also reported that prior to the release of lacklustre prequel Leatherface (2017), the rights to the franchise apparently returned to Kim Henkel, the writer and producer on the seminal 1974 gritty classic. It must be remembered that this is the same man that gave us Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994), a conspiracy-filled, cross-dresser mess that almost no one has a good word for except a few people that want to draw attention to themselves for being contrary.

That said, Henkel (and the late Tobe Hooper) were executive producers on the pretty effective Platinum Dunes Marcus Nispel directed 2003 remake, so maybe Henkel’s name on the new project is just a contractual obligation?

And, who knows, with the right ingredients a new Texas Chainsaw stew might work? It surely can’t be any worse than Texas Chainsaw 3D, right?

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