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Amityville in the Hood is a 2021 American horror film in which a criminal gang uses the cursed Amityville property to grow their marijuana. However, it soon makes its way to the streets where it is giving users a killer buzz…

Directed by and starring Dustin Ferguson (Zombi VIII: Urban Decay; Apex Predators; Ebola Rex vs. Murder HornetsRattlers 2ArachnadoAmityville Toybox) [as Dark Infinity] from a screenplay co-written with Jerimiah Douglas (Axed to Pieces; Meathook Massacre Part VI: Bloodline). Produced by Rob Hauschild.


The SCS Entertainment movie also stars Jennifer Nangle, John R. Walker, Ken May, Thom Michael Mulligan, Allie Perez, Pat Kusnadi, Erik Anthony Russo and “Knife” Sotelo.


Although this purports to be a new production most of the horror content is comprised of chunks of footage taken from Dustin Ferguson’s previous Amityville Toybox and Amityville Clownhouse films.

“This week has been horrible and this is the first time that I laughed in some time, if only when the cymbal-playing monkey started slapping his percussion together and the ghost of Mario Bava showed up in the lighting. This is my 38th trip to Amityville, not my last and not my worst.” B&S About Movies

“A lot of shots consist of random nothing like addresses on houses, wine bottles on top of cabinets, and spinning ceiling fans. And that’s only the quick cutaways. There’s also what feels like 40 minutes of montages featuring tents on sidewalks, parked cars, fences around apartment buildings, and more pointless padding that could stuff seven warehouses full of mattresses.” Culture Crypt

“The blood is limited to a zombie attack, a heart removal, some splashy gunshot wounds, and a messy eye gouge assault. The dialogue has some moments, as a few cast members roll with the b movie vibes and take things up a notch. So we have some one-liners and decently fun banter, though I still think a more dialed up take would have worked wonders here.” Marc Fusion

“The main plot is lousy enough, but including clips from a previous Amityville dud only worsens the experience. An all-around lazy effort that exists for reasons unknown, but the name of the weed is amusing so there’s that.” Splatter Critic

In the US, Wild Eye Releasing released Amityville in the Hood On-Demand (VOD) on December 10th 2021.

Cast and characters:
Dustin Ferguson … Steve
Jennifer Nangle … Cheyenne
John R. Walker … Peter Sommers
Ken May … Possessed Man
Thom Michael Mulligan … Detective White
Allie Perez … LaToya
Pat Kusnadi … DeShawn
Erik Anthony Russo … Rosco
“Knife” Sotelo … Rival Gangster
Christopher Bryan Gomez … Second Rival Gangster
D.T. Carney … Chief Malone
Hector Gomez Jr. … Second Rival Gangster (JJ)
Esau McKnight … Big M
Jaime Nungaray … Third Rival Gangster
Joshua Moomey … Suicide Man

Technical details:
1 hour 10 minutes

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