THE BLOODTHIRSTY BEES (2021) Preview and free to watch online



The Bloodthirsty Bees is a 2021 Chinese science fiction monster movie about a village beset by giant murderous mutant insects.

The movie stars Zhang Xing Wo, Lee Field and Li Tong.


Wawu Village, which was a centre for gathering honey during the war against Japan, is suddenly faced with swarms of giant murderous bees. These virus-infected bees are extremely aggressive and attack the villagers several times in clusters, causing total chaos and panic.


Unfortunately, the research team that the villagers relied on turned out to be the initiators of all their woes. As a result, Shi Wa leads the villagers in a brave battle with the main mutant mad bee and the Japanese army in the biochemical base…


Original title:

嗜血狂蜂 aka Shì xiě kuáng fēng “Bloodthirsty Bee”

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Extended trailer:

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Full film free to watch online with English subtitles:


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