APPARITIONS (2021) Review and overview of Aussie horror



‘Some families leave legacies. Others leave bodies’

Apparitions is a 2021 Australian horror film about a young woman that returns to her family home to investigate the slaughter of her family.

Written, produced and directed by Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson (Trench).

The Cinema Viscera production stars Cate O’Connor, Stefan Dennis, Perri Cummings and Shanon Kulupach.


University graduate Lily Stone (Cate O’Connor) is haunted by the fact that she was the only survivor of a family slaughter that she witnessed as a young girl. returns to her family home to find out what happened to her dead parents.


Despite the locals’ warnings about an evil presence cursing the house, she returns to her family home to discover more about her past. Having Lily failed to contact her best friend Alice (Shanon Kulupach), the latter goads cop Jane Wilkes (Perri Cummings) into investigating. Deadly secrets are revealed…



“Combining psychological horror with a couple of other styles of fright fare that I don’t want to spoil here […] a well-crafted shocker […] Stirringly directed, well-paced, and offering some startling surprises, Apparitions offers plenty for horror cinema fans to enjoy.” Horror Fuel


Apparitions premiered as part of Monster Fest which runs from December 2nd to12th 2021 in Melbourne, Australia.

In the UK and USA, 4Digital Media will release Apparitions in 2022 on DVD and On-Demand.


Cast and characters (in credits order):

Stefan Dennis … Tom
Cate O’Connor … Lily Stone
Perri Cummings … Jane Wilkes
Shanon Kulupach … Alice Hall
Wayne Tunks … Martin
Fabio Motta … Josh
Kristina Benton … Marlee
Ilana Charnelle … Sonja (as Ilana Gelbart)
Lana Golja … Violet
Jeffery Richards … Ted the Barfly
Carlia Capozza … Jessica
Constance Washington … Evelyn
Georgina Baveas … Jackie
Robert Davis … Richard the Barfly
Jarita Winslow … Sarah
Carla Jaeger … Julie

Teaser trailer:

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