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‘Science can’t explain everything’
The Last Possession is a 2022 American horror film about a young man who is forced to face his dead father’s evil presence.

Directed by Dan Riddle from a screenplay written by Greg Shouse. Produced by Daniel Alexander and Frankey Dey. Executive produced by John Alexander.

The Filmspire Productions-FortWinter Films movie stars Stephen Brodie, Cassie Shea Watson, Tom Proctor, Patricia Rae, Sawyer Bell and Lourelle Jensen.

Kent (Stephen Brodie) stayed away to protect his family from his abusive father and the pain and hatred in that house. But when a financial crisis hit, he was forced to move his family into the childhood home where his father had loomed large.

Now, he cannot protect his wife and children from an unseen evil, and his dead father’s presence might be the last hope he’s got…

“Of course, this seems like a haunted house movie until the idea that Kent’s drunken father is trying to atone from beyond the grave from something that might be… well, look at the poster if you want to spoil the big twist, which I loved because it’s way out there and kind of puts some peanut butter into the chocolate.” B&S About Movies

“The first half or so felt pretty lackluster to me but its inherently silly premise finally shines in the third act. There’s a few beats spread way, way out that will remind some of The McPherson Tape and features an interdimensional portal that looks ripped from Evil Dead 2. The spectacle of the entire finale is worth the price of admission alone.” Celluloid Consommé

The Last Possession is entertaining enough, largely due to a delightful cast. The plot feels like it was a “Mad Lib,” the blanks filled in with plot points from other genre films. There’s just enough meat left on this plot to make soup, a good pot of genre soup. Dan Riddle does an adequate job directing and a solid job editing the film.” Fears Mag

“A pretty decent haunted house thriller with a science fiction twist tagged on that works surprisingly well in the context, The Last Possession might not have re-invented the genre, but its welcome slowburn approach with gradual increasing of tension works very well for the story, scenes of suspense as well as jump scares are all well-placed and -executed, and the finale sure packs a punch.” Search My Trash

“If you’re in the mood for a haunted house film, The Last Possession may do the trick. It’s not an outright bad or boring film, it’s just a very predictable one that wastes the potential of a couple of good ideas. It’s well enough shot and it does have some effects, including a man in a suit creature rather than a CGI one.” Voices from the Balcony

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