AFTER THE PANDEMIC (2022) Reviews and overview of sci-fi thriller

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‘Hunt or be hunted’

After the Pandemic is a 2022 American science fiction thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world in which 90% of the population is dead.

Written and directed by Richard Lowry (Seized; Savage CreaturesPresident EvilApocalypse Rising; Alien Overlords; Dominion; Jessica: A Ghost Story). Produced by Francesca Zappitelli.

The movie stars Eve James; Kannon Smith and Lelyn Mac.


In a post-apocalyptic world a global airborne pandemic has wiped out 90% of the Earth’s population and only the young and immune have endured as scavengers. For Ellie and Quinn, the daily challenges to stay alive are compounded when they become hunted by the merciless Stalkers. Their perilous journey culminates with a sacrifice, death, and redemption…


” …After the Pandemic turns out to be a pleasant little story about a friendship that springs from the unlikeliest of places. The neat bowtie of an ending does the rest of the movie a disservice, however. This is not a bowtie sort of narrative. This is the sort of film that should end with its hair ruffled, its shirt torn, and a tooth missing — smiling, limping, or both.” 6/10 Film Threat

“The catalyst of the film is a deadly pandemic, but I found that the movie was more about human connection than anything else. It’s the connections we have that keep life livable, and After the Pandemic reminds us of that. Like the oddly clean world and cut grass, little things don’t “really” amount too much when you’re enjoying the film for what it is. A good story.” 3.5/5 IndyRed

“The relationship between the two girls builds off the forced perception that being alone isn’t always the best method of survival. In addition, there are a few MacGyver-like manoeuvres that would have been better served with a little background […] After the Pandemic was a pleasant time passer.” 2.5/5 Mother of Movies

“The cities being empty look even more haunting, without it being a chaotic sequence leading up to the events. This is made with a micro-budget, which is used to make the most of what little was available to give us the excellent cinematography being used in the film.” 4/5 Movies Review 101

“It’s not bad as far as lower-budget fare goes and although there’s little here that hasn’t been done before it fills up the time nicely and will appeal to those amongst you that do not have an aversion towards lower-budget fare.” My Bloody Reviews

“It’s a shame Lowry couldn’t find a better cast as, up until we actually hear our two leads talk, the film is a taut thriller. However, once the script kicks in and our heroines start interacting, the tension falls apart and no matter how much music Lowry throws at his film it doesn’t ever regain the tense opening […] Instead of adding to the film’s tension the soundtrack of this movie exaggerates everything, taking the proceedings into almost parody territory.” 1/5 Nerdly

“Lowry does a great job as director and creates fantastic establishing shots. He also contributed to the rather intriguing music, which sounds like it belongs in an eighties B-Movie. After the Pandemic does have it flaws. The acting is not convincing and neither are some of the special effects. However, it offers an enjoyable viewing, with an appealing plot and nail-biting moments.” 3/5 UK Film Review

Release date:

After the Pandemic will be released by Uncork’d Entertainment on DVD and On-Demand (VOD) on March 1st 2022.

Cast and characters:

Eve James … Ellie
Kannon Smith … Quinn
Lelyn Mac … Jimmy


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