THE BURNED OVER DISTRICT (2022) Reviews of horror movie with trailer

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The Burned Over District is a 2022 American horror film about a grieving man who discovers a quiet town is hiding a very terrifying secret. Now he must find a way to overcome his grief and fight back against the darkness that has consumed the town and its people.


After losing his wife in a horrific car accident, grieving widower Will Pleasance (Jon Sheedy) retreats to a quiet town in Western New York. His respite is cut short when he discovers that the town and its residents are hiding a dark and terrible secret.

Together Will and his sister Katie (Amy Zubieta) must fight to survive the ancient darkness that has consumed The Burned Over District…



The Burned Over District is written and directed by Rochester natives James and Vince Coleman, and based on actual historic events that occurred near their hometown in the 1800s. Special Effects veteran Michael Del Rossa (Humanoids From the Deep, 300) splatters the screen with his visceral creations in what is said to be Pet Sematary meets Mandy, with a little Hereditary thrown in the mix.”


“James and Vincent Coleman, the directors and writers of this movie, have created an interesting folk horror film that definitely has a strong visual look […] I’ve often felt that small towns have their own soul just as much as the people who live within them. The Burned Over District is about the war between darkness and light for one such place.” B&S About Movies

The Burned Over District can be surprisingly brutal in terms of content and violence, without being exploitative or too over the top […] It had a lot of ideas and moving pieces but with everything spread so thin, nothing really had a chance to shine. If trimmed down and given a bit more time, it could have gone from being an okay hodgepodge of a movie to something legitimately good and memorable.” 7 out of 10, Horror Buzz

” …the film wastes very little time on explanations, is at times almost dialogue-free, and yet gets its key points across rather effortlessly – and impressively so. And despite its powerful visuals the film still gives its actors enough space to get their characters across and carry the film, to make for a pretty awesome piece of genre cinema.” Search My Trash

The Burned Over District will have its world premiere at HorrorHound Cincinnati on Friday, March 24, 2023.


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