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‘Your fate is sealed’
Tin Can is a 2020 Canadian science fiction film about a parasitologist who is imprisoned in a life-suspension chamber. As the world faces a deadly plague, she must escape and destroy the last of her kind.

Directed by Seth A. Smith from a screenplay co-written with Darcy Spidle.

The Cut Off Tail production stars Anna Hopkins, Simon Mutabazi, Michael Ironside, Amy Trefry, Tim Dunn, Chik White, Kristin Langille, Woodrow Graves and Sam Vigneault.


“Marred though it is by disorienting plot jumps and flat performances (except, of course, Ironside’s giddy eccentric), Tin Can works when viewed as a philosophical essay. Its sounds and visuals—the gold-toned future drones, the dungeon cylinder repository, and the squiggling gyrations of a fungal chrysalis just before it’s crushed—are strong enough to carry us past the ho-hum human element.” 366 Weird Movies

“The world of Tin Can is full of hoses that ooze slimes and sludges, tubes that vent steam and drip water. It’s dark, windowless, and populated by people in distinct metal armour that feels uncomfortable even from the outside […] It’s dark and unsettling and uncomfortable, and it’d be worth seeing just for those things, but it also has a good lead performance.” Awesome Friday

“Whilst it centres on a human survival story which anyone can connect with, this is a film with shifting temporal, spatial and moral parameters. It’s tightly structured but ambitious in scope and often reminiscent of Soviet cinema in both style and thematic arc. As in his previous work, Smith goes big on the visuals, both inside and outside the can…” Eye for Film

“A very different second half is stuffed with themes of transformation and flashbacks that help flesh out the character relationships left uncertain in the tubular first act. Even wearing its influences on its sleeve the film is wildly original — Tin Can‘s ambition is off the charts.” Halifax Bloggers

“Those who like bold, experimental, and slow-burn genre cinema, and can stomach the kind of choking noises and visual discomfort of a character (or three) slowly pulling out metre long feeding tubes, would be well-advised to check out Smith’s ideas on how just far humanity will go to triumph at whatever diseases and age can can throw at the species.” Screen Anarchy

Tin Can had its world premiere at the Sitges Film Festival on 8th October 2020. Theatrical Release: August 5, 2022
VOD Release: August 9, 2022
DVD Release: September 6, 2022



Cast and characters:
Anna Hopkins … Fret/Gold
Simon Mutabazi … John/Silver
Michael Ironside … Wayne
Amy Trefry … Darcy
Tim Dunn … Whistler/Cobalt
Chik White … Copper/Cobalt/Silver
Kristin Langille … Gold
Woodrow Graves … Michael
Sam Vigneault … Ellis/Copper
Sara Campbell … Thumper
George Green … Cop
Shelley Thompson … Newscaster/Vase
Terrance Murray … Joseph

Technical details:
1 hour 44 minutes

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