NO WAY OUT (2022) Reviews of romantic crime thriller – trailer

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No Way Out is a 2022 American thriller about a young photographer whose obsession with a female model leads to a vortex of romance and crime. Also known as Whisper.

Directed by Azi Rahman – making his feature directorial debut – from a screenplay written by co-producer Keith Kjarval. Also produced by Siena Oberman and line producer Nancy Yalley. Executive produced by Ben Ruffman.

The Unified Pictures-Artemis co-production stars Maia Mitchell, Joey Bicicchi, Ashley Nicole Williams, Guy Burnet, Katelyn Pippy, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Luke Brandon Field, Andy Cohen, Audrey Neal and Marta Pozzan.

New to Los Angeles, talented photographer Nick (Joey Bicicchi) falls hard for free-spirited Tessa (Maia Mitchell) who introduces him to the fast-paced world of high fashion. Fuelled by lust, drugs, as well as the seduction of unbridled adoration, their love becomes an obsession when she asks him to do the unimaginable.


However, when a dark truth is uncovered, the young lovers are hurtled down a path of revenge and destruction blurring the lines of morality and begging the question – how far would you go for the one you love?

” …the lead actor was decent with a modicum of over-acting but watchable. The lead female, however, mumbles through a lot of her lines, supporting cast was fine […] Overall its well-made but fairly pointless, not enough art to be arthouse., not enough suspense to be a thriller, things are thrown in to look cool but it leaves things disjointed.” 4 out of 10, Eve Dolluk

” …it remains a fairly literal-minded potboiler with an exceptional number of psychological and narrative gaps. The fadeout rings hollow because there’s no real payoff: Tessa turns out to be a different person than Nick (if not the viewer) expected, albeit sans the slightest hint of her motivation, backstory, anything.” Variety

Release date:
In the USA, Vertical Entertainment released No Way Out theatrically in select locations and On-Demand (VOD) on August 12, 2022.

“New love can often be powerfully addictive, and we were interested in discovering how thin the line between love and addiction can be and how one could do anything for it,” writer-producer Kjarval said in a statement, via Variety. “Azi, Joey, and Maia are fearless artists whom I am proud to have explored that fascinating parallel inside of a modern thriller. And we can think of no one better than Peter, Tony, and everyone at Vertical to bring this exciting film to audiences.”

Tony Piantedosi, senior VP of acquisitions at Vertical Entertainment said: “First-time director Azi Rahman has delivered a high-octane film examining the modern love story created through the instant connection technology provides today,” Piantedosi said. “For audiences, it is a fascinating story that goes unexpected places and will keep them riveted from beginning to end.”



Cast and characters:
Maia Mitchell … Tessa
Ashley Nicole Williams … Shay
Guy Burnet … Nemo
Katelyn Pippy … Sammy
Ronnie Gene Blevins … Bloc
Luke Brandon Field … Vince
Joey Bicicchi … Nick
Andy Cohen … Zev
Audrey Neal … Stacey
Marta Pozzan … Sierra
Leah Blefko … Model
Jeff Adler … Matteo
Allie Ayers … Allison
Jacquie DiTroia … Model
Rafhan Shaukat … Abyd
Meeta Vengapally … Main Model
Ken Sorrell … Rome

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