PIG KILLER (2022) Reviews of true crime serial killer pic – released Nov 17

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Pig Killer is a 2022 American horror film based on the crimes of true-life Canadian serial killer Robert Willy Pickton.

Written, directed and co-produced by Chad Ferrin (Night Caller; The Deep OnesExorcism at 60,000 FeetThe ChairSomeone’s Knocking at the DoorEaster Bunny Kill! Kill!).

Also produced by Robert Miano and Robert Rhine. Executive produced by Neb Chupin, Jennifer Drake, Jeff Olan, Kate Patel and Susan Priver.

The Crappy World Films-Girls and Corpses-Laurelwood Pictures co-production stars Jake Busey, Bai Ling, Cassandra Gava, Cyril O’Reilly, Elina Madison, Gerard McMahon, Ginger Lynn,  James Russo, Jon Budinoff, Kate Patel, Kurt Bonzell, Lew Temple, Michael Paré, Robert Miano, Robert Rhine, Scott Vogel, Silvia Spross and Susan Priver.

Joe Castro provided the special effects makeup.


Inspired by the terrifying story of Robert Willy Pickton, whose horrific crimes shocked the world. With his herculean hog Balthazar, by his side, Willy and his menagerie of colourful cohorts terrorise Vancouver’s seedy downtown until his arrest, which uncovered a horrific series of brutal Canadian murders…


“I haven’t had to take a shower after watching a movie in some time, so this is some kind of feat. Instead of the true-crime films that we can just walk away from and not consider the horrors that have been committed, this shoves your face in the mud and blood and pus and starts stomping on it.” B&S About Movies

Pig Killer retraces the horror sown by the murderer in the past, relying on his instability and the terror instilled in the victims, managing to capture the essence of decay and death rooted in his mind […] In addition to standing out for a remarkable direction and screenplay, Pig Killer enjoys excellent photography which adds further value.” Dark Veins [translated from Italian]


“Incredibly riveting from start to finish, Pig Killer’s amalgamation of captivating, true crime story along with exceptionally grisly scenes of violence creates an underlying layer of sleaze that some may not be able to overlook. An amazing level of detail in the special effects provided by Joe Castro along with the unwavering cinematography conjures a positively realistic, albeit uncomfortable experience.” Grimoire of Horror

Pig Killer is a film that isn’t likely to leave anyone cold, and not so much for its gore scenes but for its cynical, almost nihilistic undercurrents that really and successfully mirror its leads lack of compassion. But that’s not to say the film is just a gaze into the abyss, as it actually tells its story in a multi-layered way that really gives depth to the central characters and creates a rich environment for them.” Search My Trash

“‘Cartoonish’ is a bold stylistic decision to go for then, given all of this, but this is a nonetheless a bizarrely cartoonish film, but one which feels neither genuinely challenging nor compelling, certainly not across two hours – which is far, far too long to sustain interest. The blaring background and incidental music drown out the dialogue a lot of the time, which doesn’t help.” Warped Perspective

Pig Killer had its world premiere at the Sydney Underground Film Festival on September 9, 2022.
In the US, Pig Killer will be released theatrically on November 17, 2023, and digitally on November 21, 2023.

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