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House of Clowns is a 2022 American horror film about a travelling haunted house attraction that becomes a nightmarish prison of murder for contestants who agree to participate in a contest to be locked inside overnight.

Written and directed by Jeremy Lubash (Mystery of the Manor; The Shadow’s Edge). Produced and edited by Dustin Ferguson (director/producer of Beyond the Gates of Hell; Amityville in the HoodZombi VIII: Urban DecayApex PredatorsEbola Rex vs. Murder HornetsRattlers 2ArachnadoAmityville Toybox and many, many more terrible movies). Also produced by Tessa Sliter.

The SoCal Cinema Studios-10/32 Productions-42nd Street Films co-production stars Malvolia [Jennifer Nangle] (10/31 and its sequel; Angry Asian Murder Hornets; Irrational Fear), Brandi Fields, Austin Learned, Gaia Foxx, Paul Remington Albers, Paul McKane, Jon Marshall and Justin Milani.

House of Clowns is undoubtedly one of the most amateurish efforts that has ever been officially released. Nearly every shot is poorly framed and lit, the audio is awful (with distracting public domain songs and horror noises such as cats wailing in the background), characterisation is cliched and some of the acting – though not all – is atrocious.

House of Clowns isn’t as dull or quite as stupid as some of the other low-budget horrors by the likes of co-producer and editor Dustin Ferguson. There’s a very brief homage to the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre that may make some horror fans smile briefly. That said, second-rate Elvira personator Malviola’s interjections add nothing to the proceedings and are likely to alienate even the most jaded viewers further. Unfortunately, House of Clowns is not even in the so-bad-it’s-good category so not recommended even for amusement.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

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“Looks like it has been filmed with a phone, writing is awful, dialogue terrible, and… where are the actors I wonder? Was this a student project? Looks worse than that, to be honest. I hope this movie or whatever the heck it is, was made on a zero budget, cause if there was a budget, it was wasted money.” Hammern28

“I love the idea of anyone creating new horror ideas. But this was just bad. […] And I hope the writer/director grows from the criticism they are going to get…” Tim Raymond

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