WOLF GARDEN (2023) Reviews of British werewolf movie

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‘Love. Despair. Darkness.’
Wolf Garden is a 2023 British horror drama film about a man who is haunted by visions of the woman he loves and a mysterious creature in the nearby woods.

Written, co-produced, directed by and starring Wayne David. Also produced by Linzy Attenborough and Dominic Davey.

The Lightning Strike Pictures movie also stars Sian Altman and Grant Masters, plus the voices of Jake Wood and Maddy Myles.

Plot synopsis:
William (Wayne David)has gone into hiding in the countryside following horrifically violent events. Struggling to come to terms with reality, he flashes between past, present and fantasies involving the woman he loves, Chantelle (Sian Altman).

As his sanity crumbles and he continues to feed an unseen creature locked inside a shed in the woods, he begins having apparitions of a ghostly Visitor (Grant Masters) who pushes him to kill the creature and discover a terrible truth about Chantelle before the next full moon…


“At 89 minutes long, this feels a bit longer than that. That said, it’s shot really well and with a little bit of tightening, it could really be something special. As it is, it’s a unique film that’s still worth your time.” B&S About Movies

” …a fun, low-budget exercise in the various ways a monster film can use script, editing, and cinematography to say as much as possible without ever showing any true premise. Making a drama with splashes of horror conventions, David gets too often caught up in his artistry, and the result is a rather tedious story with no true payoff at the end.” Film Festival Today

” …it probably would’ve been good for the movie, to have chosen someone else to star in the film. Doing it all is just too much. And with an idea and style that is intriguing in a slow-burn way, it’s a shame that the casting ends up being a downfall. Also, selling it as a “unique new horror film in the tradition of It Follows” is definitely over-selling it. This isn’t like It Follows in any way, shape, or form. It is, however, unique in other ways, so that part is fair enough.” 2 out of 5, Heaven of Horror

“This is an interesting spin on the type of horror movie it wants to be. It holds back on the gore to give a human perspective of what is happening to the characters. However, this can hold things back a little too much, as we are left to see how it unfolds. Despite the main character William knowing a lot more than he shows. There just seems to be a struggle to bring the human touch to the human story to the horror.” 2 out of 5, Movie Reviews 101


“While Wolf Garden has a short 89-minute runtime, the slow-moving nature can leave one’s attention to waver. That doesn’t detract from David’s tragic tale about victims of circumstance, and the unhealthy effects of holding onto an idealised version of what was lost.” 3 out of 5, Nerdly

Wolf Garden is an extremely interesting offering of hairy, sharp-toothed monsters.  It is not a straight-up horror film and it is to be applauded for not just giving the audience what they think they want when it comes to werewolf flicks.  No, you have to earn it and David offers bits and pieces of the narrative as the true story of William and his isolation is slowly peeled back.” 4 out of 5, Reel Reviews

“The opening act has plenty of atmosphere and shows a good instinct for when to reveal details. Unfortunately, the overall plot is way too obvious for all but newcomers to the genre not to figure out. And once the beast is let loose we still don’t see nearly enough of it. What we do see is impressive enough, I just wish the budget had allowed more of it.” 3 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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