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Blind Waters is a 2023 American action horror film in which an unrelenting shark turns a couple’s dream vacation into a living nightmare when they are stranded at sea and forced to fight for their lives.

Written and directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (Nix; SwimZombie Tidal WaveSharknado franchise; Hansel & GretelBoo!;  Headless Horseman).

The Global Asylum production stars Jhey Castles, Meghan Carrasquillo, Chris Cleveland, Noam Sigler, Becki Hayes, Martijn Kuiper, Gabriel Angulo, Francisco Angelini and Patty Cruz.

“It’s a Tubi original Asylum shark movie. It’s exactly what you expect it to be. I have a soft spot for sharksploitation tho. Don’t regret watching it.” ★★★ April of Darkness

” …no spoilers, but not everyone is getting out of this shark movie alive. This entire movie reminded me why I will never go on an island or beach vacation. Also: How does Ferrante go from the insane time travel of the last Sharknado to this, perhaps one of the most basic shark movies I’ve seen?” B&S About Movies

“There are some decent moments of threat and a genuine sense that people may die. I did like the finale, where the shark and Gabe, both imperil Valentina and her blurred view of the world […] This is probably not a film, I’ll bother to rewatch; there isn’t enough here to make it stand out. However, I was never bored – just occasionally irritated – and in the shark genre, that’s all I can reasonably hope for.” Rating: C, Film Blitz

“Having a terrible story, a low budget, and feeling the need to show this by having really bad special effects, is just a weirdly lazy approach. Well, to me, anyway. And I am not ashamed to say that I can enjoy spoofs, low-budget movies, and blockbusters alike. As long as I can feel some sort of passion from the filmmakers which was completely lacking here!” 1 out of 5, Heaven of Horror

“Feels like at least a couple of movies crammed together into one and the blindness aspect gets no actual use. Basically, she can see well enough for what she needs to do to keep the story going.” ★★ Maskull

“The monster shark is terrific and some good shark effects highlight this film along with the maroon bikini. For some nice summer fun, see Blind Waters.” Zizi Emporium for B Movies

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